Frontiers of Manufacturing and Design Science II

Volumes 121-126

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Fei Fei Dong, Ren Ping Shao, Jie Ma

Abstract: Used the theory of linear fracture mechanics and FEM, the two-dimensional model of single-tooth gear is established under the environment of...

Authors: Ya Zhou Xiong

Abstract: At present, USB Key is one of the security technologies which have been used very popularly in the Internet banking. This paper firstly...

Authors: Chun Sheng Zhu, Qi Zhang, Fan Tun Su, Hong Liang Ran

Abstract: By weighing reliability, maintainability, availability and life-cycle cost of equipment which are influenced by testability,the testability...

Authors: Jun Jie Liu, Yong Li Yu, Wei Zhang, Ai Min Zhu

Abstract: In the process of the equipments used, operational availability (Ao) is the common top-level parameter for the operational readiness....

Authors: Xiao Liang Liu, Le Chen, Jia Ni Liu, Hong Min Yu

Abstract: This paper is oriented to typical operation missions, started with the concept and connotation of precise support, divided the precise...

Authors: Ming Hai Li, Feng Jiang, Biao Liu, Ming Gao Ouyang

Abstract: GT-Suite software is used to establish the simulation model of electronic fuel injection system for 16V280ZJ diesel engine. Combustion...

Authors: Yong Guang Ma, Ning Ran, Ning Bo Jia

Abstract: The method to analysis the advantages of S Function and Auto-Disturbance-Rejection Control(ADRC)[1]. Basing on the MATLAB/SIMULINK as the...

Authors: Ying Li, Xiao Jing Yi, Yu De Geng

Abstract: The two-way referral system comes into being in China with further development of community medical service. Based on investigation and...

Authors: Yong De Zhang, Hai Yan Du, Li Wei Geng, Yu Qin Li, Hong Xia Zhang, Yan Hua Zhang

Abstract: MRI-compatible surgical robot technology is one of the most effective ways to improve the real-time image-guided surgical biopsy. In MRI...

Authors: Jiang Yong Wang, Rong Mo

Abstract: In allusion to the status of the expression and integration technology of the three-dimensional CAPP processing information, a machining...


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