Frontiers of Manufacturing and Design Science II

Volumes 121-126

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Wen Zheng, Huang Hu

Abstract: Simulated the state of market competition by using simulation software with considering the influence of the product’s compatibility and...

Authors: Dan Dan Wang, Yu Zhou, Qing Wei Ye, Xiao Dong Wang

Abstract: The mode peaks in frequency domain of vibration signal are strongly interfered by strong noise, causing the inaccuracy mode parameters....

Authors: Peng Jia, Qi Gao, Shan Hui Zhang, Gang Liu

Abstract: Based on the analysis of data relationship between product structure and project plan of R&D projects, this paper proposes the mapping...

Authors: Xing Li, Jian Hui Wang, Yan Zheng, Shu Sheng Gu

Abstract: To solve the problem of real-time, quantification monitor on the restoration of motor function in hemiplegia after stroke, this paper...

Authors: Tang Tang Xie, Jun Li, Yong Hui Fang, Hai Ling Xiong

Abstract: This paper analyzes the formal syntax and semantics of the UML activity diagram, then extends traditional test coverage criteria, puts...

Authors: Yu Jun Cai, Felix Stephanus Halim, Guo He Li, Yu Guang Wang

Abstract: Hot stamping is a process which simultaneously forms and quenches the hot blanks at the austenization temperature (900-1200 °C) to produce...

Authors: Shih Chih Chen, Shih Chi Liu, Huei Huang Chen, Jang Ruey Tzeng

Abstract: After Taiwan becomes the 144th member of the World Trade Organization (WTO) on 2002, it also becomes a part of the global economic system....

Authors: Bo Zhang, Yang Xiang

Abstract: Information dissemination security is a crucial factor for social network interaction. In this paper, we present a trust-aware information...

Authors: Hang Biao Shang, Ying Li, Yu Kun Cao, Xin Jia Tian

Abstract: China’s community health services starts in 1997 and becomes the most important part of the urban health services system with the...

Authors: Kamarul Hawari Bin Ghazali, Jie Ma, Rui Xiao

Abstract: In machine vision application, the main part to analyze an image is to identify its features which contribute to efficiency of the system....


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