Frontiers of Manufacturing and Design Science II

Volumes 121-126

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yan Fen Mao, Hans Wiedmann, Ming Chen

Abstract: The paper describes an autonomous mobile robot named Robotino®, and how it is used for education of Bachelor-students in the majors AES...

Authors: Feng Xiang, Ye Fa Hu

Abstract: The cloud manufacturing (CloudM) resource access solution of Internet of Things (IOT) application was discussed. According to resource...

Authors: Yun You, Lin Li, Long Zhu Gao

Abstract: Based on the network node model and with the help of MATLAB program, we calculated normal and accident hydraulic conditions in urban natural...

Authors: Ming Xiang Pang, Xue Zhen Cheng, Xiao Chao Qian, Mao Yong Cao

Abstract: In coal mines fire consists of one of the main disasters, which usually take place for the reason that the water content of coal is over...

Authors: Kyung Taek Koh, Gum Sung Ryu, Ki Hong Ahn, Chun Jin Park, Jang Hwa Lee

Abstract: Construction works that uses concrete incorporating a high volume of blast-furnace slag (BFS) during the winter season increases the risk of...

Authors: Chun Jin Park, Kyung Taek Koh, Min Cheol Han, Cheon Goo Han

Abstract: This study purposed to analyze the mechanical properties of concrete using the expansive additive in order to control the drying shrinkage...

Authors: Yu Kuang Zhao, Chi Chau Lien, Lei Wei, Wen Pei Sung

Abstract: The global climate change directly affects the weather pattern of Taiwan. Some research achievements show that buildings will decrease the...

Authors: S. Xue, Xing S. Li, J. Xie

Abstract: Core samples or drill cuttings from boreholes drilled in coal seams are used in direct measurements of gas content in coal. In soft coal...

Authors: Kuang Ding, Hong Wu Zhu, Jin Ya Zhang, Chuan Wang, Jian Sheng Hao

Abstract: Deadleg is a kind of blind pipe connected with a main pipe used for fluid transportation, which has distinct flow characteristics. This work...

Authors: Zhi Zhen Xia, Xi Lu Zhao, Ichiro Hagiwara

Abstract: New structure patterns of metal panel are used in modern life such as Truss Core Panel (TCP). It is used as flooring or wall material in...


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