Frontiers of Manufacturing and Design Science II

Volumes 121-126

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Sheng Li Lv, You Cui, Wei Zhang, Xiao Yan Tong
Abstract: The pre-corrosion damage tests of LC4 aluminum alloy with the shot peening surface treatment and un-shot peening surface treatment are performed under different time levels. The residual strength has been studied by test after corrosion damage. An analysis procedure is developed using 3D reconstruction solid model and finite element analysis to predict residual strength, The relationship of static intensity and the corrosion damage are founded. An effective engineering technique for predicting residual strength of corroded structure is established on the base of this studying work.
Authors: Kuang Hung Tseng, Yung Chang Chen, Kuan Lung Chen
Abstract: An exploratory study was conducted to investigate the effect of Cr2O3 flux used in tungsten inert gas (TIG) welding on the weld morphology, retained ferrite content, welding residual stress, and hot cracking susceptibility when welding 5 mm thick type 316L stainless steel plates. The results showed that Cr2O3 flux assisted TIG welding can create a high depth-to-width ratio weld. Since the activated TIG welding can reduce the heat input per unit length in welds, and the residual stress of the weldment can be reduced. TIG welding with Cr2O3 flux can increase the retained ferrite content of stainless steel 316L weld metal and, in consequence, the hot cracking susceptibility is reduced.
Authors: Bin Bin Zhang, Tong Zhang, Xiao Xia Wu, Wei Ding, Wen Bin Li
Abstract: The effects of planting transgenic soybean on the yield, quality and other agronomic traits were determined. No marked differences on yield were found between the succeeding crops planted on field where transgenic soybean were planted in the previously year and those planted on field where non-transgenic control soybean were planted in the last year. In parallel with this similarity, dry mass accumulation of wheat and maize showed no differences for those crops growing on the two different fields. The height, spike length and the gluten content of wheat planted on the two different fields were also investigated and no difference was found. In addition, the sugar content of beet was not affected by planting them on field where transgenic soybean was previously planted.
Authors: Xiao Qiang Wang, Qing Dong Cui, Feng Kui Cui
Abstract: Through the analysis of the glass online stacking system at home and abroad, expounded the three main forms of glass online stacking system, summarized their advantages and disadvantages respectively, mainly analyzed the compositions of glass online stacking system and their respective characteristics, Compared with each other, obtained the incomparable advantages of the glass online stacking system based on the industrial robots, and further analyzed the development trend of the glass online stacking system.
Authors: Qian Ting Hu, Wen Bin Wu, Guo Qiang Cheng
Abstract: Outburst cavity formed during coal and gas outburst can be pear shaped, elliptical, or just like an irregularly elongated ellipsoid, its capacity is always smaller than the volume of ejected coal. And the gas emission quantity is almost 4 to 10 times as gas content in ejected coal. These are two different expressions of the same problem. To find the reasons for the decrease of outburst cavity volume and the increase of gas emission quantity per ton, by using the finite element code ANSYS, the damage zone and the failure zone of the outburst cavity were determined based on the static and dynamic combination method. In this paper, the reason for the decrease of the outburst volume was explained.
Authors: Yong Tao Huang, Gang Wang, Bing Yin Ren, Hao Yun Zhang
Abstract: To formally verify the correctness of supply chain business process model (SCBPM), a model validation scheme was proposed based on Pi-calculus. In this scheme, the interaction structure of SCBPM was described by UML sequence diagram. The corresponding rules were defined between UML sequence diagram and Pi-calculus. Based on these rules, the formal process model was established. Its validity was verified by MWB, a model checker of pi-calculus. The result shows the scheme proposed could effectively verify the consistency of SCBPM and customer requirements.
Authors: Ming Zhao, Yi Li, Hai Tao Kao
Abstract: Ultrasonic polishing is an effective method to solve the bottleneck of polishing the mold cavity in mold processing, and the performance of ultrasonic horn is of utmost importance for the ultrasonic machining. In this paper the horn applicable to automatic ultrasonic polishing equipment is designed based on horn design theory, as well modal analysis and harmonic response analysis of four types of horn are carried out using Finite Element Analysis technique, which provides the basis and reference for further theoretical research and actual processing
Authors: Shao Ling Li, Yu Han, Ge Li, Man Zhang, Lei Zhang, Qin Ma
Abstract: During agricultural production, some information (such as temperature,humidty,wind, rainfall and PH of soil) is obtained by manual measurement method,which exists many problems,for example time-consuming, laborious problem.In this paper, the agricultural greenhouse environmental monitoring system is designed based on the Internet of Things,which realized remote realtime monitoring of the environmental information in greenhouse,combining with the Internet,wireless network and mobile network.A wireless sensor network is established for collecting environmental information such as temperature and humidity by using ZigBee protocol.Finally,the collected environmental information is accessed into the internet and mobile network through the control center .The monitoring system can realize the short message warming and real-time monitoring of agriculture enviromental information.
Authors: Ming Bin Li, Dong Wen Yin, Song Mu
Abstract: The development of solar energy tracking technology has important practical significance for promoting solar energy application. In the paper, double-direction tracking-device was designed based on the theory of calendar check tracking and worm gear mechanism, gear transmission mechanism, cam push-rod mechanism was used to achieve the function of “single driving, double-direction tracking” . So, the function of tracking solar azimuth and solar altitude angles was cleverly realized through controlling a single power. In the paper, design and manufacture of the device were completed by Solidworks software. Through the debugging experiment, the device’s advantages were proved of low energy consumption, high reliability, strong anti-interference ability, easy maintenance and suitable for a variety of small solar installations.
Authors: Chien Yue Chen, Chien Sheng Huang, Jhih Ping Syu, Yi Sheng Chang
Abstract: Most solar cells are installed outdoors in order to receive as much sunlight as possible. Outdoor environment, however, is harmful to solar cells. Therefore, solar cells nowadays are well designed and able to work longer than 20 years. Besides improvements in sturdiness of solar cells, changes in structure of solar collector are also an effective way to prolong the lifespan of a solar cell. Thus, the research was aimed at the design of a solar collector that was able to transfer intensified sunlight to an indoor solar cell via a fiber bundle, so as to avoid dreadful environment. After being optimized by commercial optical software LightTools, the solar collector achieved a good efficiency, more than 20%, and had high tolerance to optical errors.

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