Frontiers of Manufacturing and Design Science II

Volumes 121-126

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xin Jiang Song, Jing Li, Cai Fu Qian

Abstract: General triaxial CD and CU tests are conducted to properly understand mechanical property of cement-soil. Experiment data indicate that: (a)...

Authors: Xiao Qiang Dong, Xin En Huang, Xiao Hong Bai, Yong Kang Lv

Abstract: Contamination can change the physical properties of soil, reduce the strength of cemented soil foundation, and then induce the instability...

Authors: Yan Zhan, Wei Peng, Fan Xiao, Lu Fang Zhang

Abstract: The development of modern logistics technology and equipment shows the trend of globalization. In order to bring up high-level logistics...

Authors: Hui Zhi Zhang, Dai Di Fan, Y. Mi, Long Li

Abstract: The design mainly introduces a basic technology of the wastewater tertiary treatment, summarizing the disadvantages and advantages, and...

Authors: Xue Lian Liu

Abstract: This paper aims to construct analysis model of port urban logistics arrangement using Delphi and analytical hierarchy process method,...

Authors: Hai Bin Wu, Li Quan Wang, Jing Yan Cui, Yang Jiao, Xiao Yang Yu

Abstract: The key of 3D measurement technology based on coded structured light for high-accuracy reconstruction of porcelain exhibited on Web, is to...

Authors: Tao Chen, Rong Mo, Zhong Wei Gong

Abstract: Isogeometric Analysis combines the NURBS technology and finite element approaches into a unified framework. Regrettably, the NURBS basis...

Authors: Rui Zhu Zhang, Quan Cai Li, Jin Mei Wu, Lu Ke Li

Abstract: Through self-propagation high–temperature synthesis (SHS), SrTiO3 in which Sr2+ had been included was solidified. The actors permitted to...

Authors: Ching Ho Chen, Wei Lin Liu, Ing Jia Chiou, Shu Liang Liaw

Abstract: Sustainability assessment of a river basin is usually performed separately from the planning of land uses within the basin. This work...

Authors: Jing Yi Chang, Yean Der Kuan, Jia You Wang, Sheng Shian Liou, Chung Tang Liu, Sheng Ching Chan

Abstract: The main purpose of this paper is to integrate and apply hydrogen-oxygen fuel cells as the major power system, which is combined with the...


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