Frontiers of Manufacturing and Design Science II

Volumes 121-126

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Chung Yi Chang, Hsien Te Lin, Chun Ta Tzeng, Kuan Hsiung Yang, Yew Khoy Chuah, Ming Chin Ho

Abstract: In Taiwan, AC systems in buildings with central air conditioning account for over 45% of the total electricity consumed. Inefficient and...

Authors: Miao Yu, Lu Shuai, Jiang Wei Guo, Jie Fu

Abstract: Based on the principle and specifications of Environmental Durability Test on automobile engine ECU, an open, intelligent and practical ECU...

Authors: Xiao Shan Yang, Li Hua Zhao, Michael Bruse, Qing Lin Meng

Abstract: To provide a more accurate prediction of building energy consumption, it is necessary to take into account the influence of the microclimate...

Authors: Kai Sheng Zhang, Zhi Jian Li, Xin Zhang

Abstract: Super Critical Water Oxidation is an innovative and high technology. This article discussed properties of Super Critical Water (SCW), the...

Authors: Gong Fa Li, Yuan He, Guo Zhang Jiang, Jian Yi Kong, Liang Xi Xie

Abstract: Coke combustion process, the constant proportion of the combustion air-fuel ratio control results in low combustion efficiency and...

Authors: Hui Li Lin, Yong Kui Shi

Abstract: Gob-side entry retaining is an advanced and green mining technology, which can avoid using pillar and island working face, reduce driving...

Authors: Lin Lin Liu, Fei Lu, Jing Yi Bai

Abstract: the inking system is one of the important components of an offset printing machine and an inking system with good performances is the...

Authors: Li Ping Fan

Abstract: Proton exchange membrane fuel cells have been receiving more and more attention these recent years. It is expected to improve the output...

Authors: Ming Tao Gao, Ming Zhang, Ming Zhou

Abstract: Because of mine production, the open-pit enission of coal gangue solid waste and surface subsidence are one of important causes to failure...

Authors: Fang Wang, Lian Jing Niu, Zhi Long Liu, Mao Yu Zheng

Abstract: Aimed to ground source heat pump’s low coefficient of performance in severe cold climate areas, solar assisted GSHP system with seasonal...


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