Frontiers of Manufacturing and Design Science II

Volumes 121-126

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Zheng Yang Qiu, Kui Qiu, Zhi Qiang Wang

Abstract: In order to put forward the Anti-scale measures of shaft in Shunan Gas Mine and guarantee the normal production of gas field,the composition...

Authors: Xi Yuan Wang, Xiang Wu, Ya Nan Wang, Jian Chenn Han

Abstract: Through the analysis of energy-consumption in the link of design–setup–buildup–withdrawal-transportation in exhibition process; exhibition’s...

Authors: Guo Lei Liu, Ke Gong Fan, Tong Qiang Xiao

Abstract: Through testing the mountainous shallow-buried coal seam mining working face strata behaviors in Faer mine field, it got the strata...

Authors: Fang Zhao, Kun Lin Song, Wei Gao, Shuang Bao Zhang

Abstract: In this paper, traditional adhesives were replaced by recycled plastics to make poplar plywood by hot-pressing. The results showed that the...

Authors: Hou Hua Wang, Hou Shuai Wang

Abstract: The relationship between thermal resistance ratio ζ(the ratio of thermal resistance between two sides of the tube wall) and load rate,...

Authors: Shun Qing Chen

Abstract: The 12CrMoV alloy steel is the most commonly used high pressure vessel and heat pipe using the material. This article on external forcing...

Authors: Gang Li, Xin Ping Xiao, Ya La Tong

Abstract: Based on the analysis of main texture information in the neighborhood of image, we use the grey relational coefficient to decide the most...

Authors: Shuang Jie Huang, Ling Zhou, Jun Long Zhou, Zeng Chao Ge

Abstract: This paper compares the properties of concrete made by reclaimed fine aggregate with those made by other fine aggregate. Although the...

Authors: Jing Cheng Liu, Wen Hua Li, Zhen Ku Wang

Abstract: Violation of discipline by students may have a direct impact on the school spirit and academic atmosphere construction of colleges and...

Authors: Ying Zhe Xiao, Fu Chang Ma, Bao Jin Xiao, Xiao Feng Han

Abstract: Because the correlation coefficient of noise between the adjacent channels is greater than 0.The Phase-Inversion Symmetric Method (PISM) can...


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