Frontiers of Manufacturing and Design Science II

Volumes 121-126

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Zhe Wei, Xiang Wei Li

Abstract: Aimed to enhance the efficiency of heart sound signal energy detection, a kind of heart sound signal energy detection system based on...

Authors: Ming Hui Hu, Shao Zhi Xu, Da Tong Qin, Guo Yun Li

Abstract: Based on the vehicle dynamic equation in starting engine in-motion process for HEV, theoretical derivation is conducted to obtain the impact...

Authors: Chun Rong Wei, Min Qiang Xu, Jian Hua Sun, Xian Wei Zhang

Abstract: Aiming at the limitation of the roadway-type barrier explosion device which is being used in the coal mine, this paper suggests to establish...

Authors: Shu Xu

Abstract: Stress corrosion cracking behavior of the six heterogenic welding joints was investigated under the 1300ppm; 2300ppm and saturated H2S...

Authors: Hui Li, Jun Deng, Jun Hong Lin

Abstract: Since the expansion of the cement during curing was constraint by the steel tube, the concrete core in the self-stressing concrete-filled...

Authors: Ming Liang, Li Li, Yu Li

Abstract: Urban traffic system in Jinan is an vital important sphere to show the city image,as well as a carrier for the local culture. With the...

Authors: Xiao Xu Guan, Yi Xuan Fan, Qiang Cao

Abstract: With the era of high oil prices and prominent contradict between domestic oil and gas supply and demand, a boom of unconventional natural...

Authors: Guo Liang Liu, Zheng Fan Li, Ruo Yao Ding, Xiao Min Zhong, Chong Wen Yu

Abstract: The application of urea peroxide in ramie oxidation degumming was discussed in this paper. And urea peroxide impact on the effect of ramie...

Authors: Shu Wang Duo, Mi Mi Song, Ting Zhi Liu, Mei Shuan Li

Abstract: SiO2 coatings were deposited on silver foils substrate by sol–gel method and their atomic oxygen (AO) erosion resistance was tested in a...

Authors: Xiao Ling Jiang, Zong Ming Lei, Qing Bao Meng

Abstract: Dynamic kill drilling is a technology which is applied in order to control the deep water drilling shallow gas or shallow wells flowing by...


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