Frontiers of Manufacturing and Design Science II

Volumes 121-126

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Kun Luo, Cheng Zhao, Xiang Li

Abstract: The paper had researched relief annealing of 65Mn Metal Rubber. Test results had shown that relief annealing significantly changed static...

Authors: Kai Sheng Zhang, Jiao She

Abstract: In the process of Chinese gooseberry pre-served fruit, many factors affect the quality, the temperature adjustment process of steam heating...

Authors: Cheng Zhao, Kun Luo, Chang Yin Gao

Abstract: According to the stress state and corrosion resistance of bearing deputy campaigns,NO.5 bearing deputy campaign was selected as research...

Authors: Hung Chi Song

Abstract: The homeownership rate in Taiwan is 87.83% while the rate of the housing addition building is up to 65.9%[1]. It is common in Taiwan that...

Authors: Wern Dare Jheng, Shao Hsien Chen, Zhi Yu Lin

Abstract: In this study, aluminum nitride, boron nitride, copper, aluminum, with aluminum extruded heat sink as a cooling way of thermoelectric chip....

Authors: Chen Ying Ho, Hsien Te Lin, Kuang Yu Huang

Abstract: Lighting advertising signs not only play an important role in outdoor lighting environment in Taiwan, but also become the main factor of...

Authors: Wei Jin Ren

Abstract: This paper attempts to find out a performance evaluation method that is suitable to the entire workflow characteristics through the analysis...

Authors: Wern Dare Jheng, Shao Hsien Chen, Zhi Hong Lin

Abstract: When the petrochemical raw materials continue to rise, resulting in the demand for solar power to increase 25-30% annually. So solar power...

Authors: Qiang Gao Wang, Da Li Liu, Lin Nan Han, Yuan Yuan Liu, Qing Xi Hu

Abstract: Electrospinning, which is a technology to make nano fiber, has quite high requirements of the speed of feeding. In order to solve the...

Authors: Wei Hua Hu, Han Yun Yang

Abstract: With the development of embedded technology, research for embedded software test techniques and tools is a hot topic in the field of IT. To...


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