Frontiers of Manufacturing and Design Science II

Volumes 121-126

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Chun Bi Xu, Jing Cheng Liu, Li Xu, Xue Mei Kuang, Jian Hua Wang

Abstract: Finding the right abandoned well (or new drilling ) leakage layer reinjection into the ground is the most effective, the most mature, the...

Authors: Gui Ju Xing, Zi Huan Li, Hong Liang Zheng, Jian Wang, Fu Sheng Jiang

Abstract: Experiments were implemented on a prototype commercial liquid ejector to measure its hydraulic efficiency and the change of which along with...

Authors: Dong Wang, Xin Qing Wang, Xiao Long Wang, Sheng Liang, Yang Zhao

Abstract: In order to overcome the difficulty in selecting parameters of support vector machine (SVM) when modeling the PT fuel system fault...

Authors: Jia Ning Zhang, Xiao Liang, Wei Li

Abstract: To clean the spilled oil from wreck ships and protect the marine ecological balance and prevent the damage to marine environment, the...

Authors: Juan Song, Yang Yu

Abstract: In this paper, ZnO nanorod film has been constructed on the OLED emission surface to investigate its light-extraction enhancement effect....

Authors: Min Yang, Jun Li, Qi Min Zhang, Jun Lian He

Abstract: The condensate gas reservoir of paraffin in Dalaoba is a kind of special and complex gas reservoir.High content of paraffin for condensate...

Authors: Xiao Rong Zhu, Hui Ping Shen

Abstract: In this paper, a 2-DOF planar parallel manipulator actuated horizontally by linear actuators is proposed. The inverse and forward kinematics...

Authors: Lu Lu Zhou, Chun Rui Han, Shi Feng Zhang, Qiang Gao, Hong Yan Li, Jian Zhang Li

Abstract: A friendly environmental wood adhesive was prepared using wild acorn starch as a raw material. The physical properties of wild acorn starch...

Authors: Xue Wei Wu, Guang Dao Bao, Wei Wei Jia, Chang Zhai, Xing Li

Abstract: Mine development can benefit mankind, but also cause ecological damage to the environment; bad influence threatens the lives and safety....

Authors: Yun Sheng Ge, Xiao Jian, Yang Liu

Abstract: In the analysis of existing travel information service system of the main problems and travel information services on the basis of the...


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