Frontiers of Manufacturing and Design Science II

Volumes 121-126

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: A. K. H. Kwan, Jia Jian Chen, L. G. Li

Abstract: Addition of supplementary cementitious materials (SCM) has been contradictorily reported to be beneficial or detrimental to the flowability...

Authors: Chao Huang, Guo Long Li

Abstract: Grinding process is regarded as the most effective way to generate the tooth profile of spur shaper cutter. However, for the purpose of...

Authors: Dan Jiang, Ping Yang, Kun Jiang

Abstract: As a type of solid state switch, MR (magnetoresistive) sensor detects the air cylinder piston’s position in pneumatic control system. The...

Authors: Ling Cai, Xin Zhang

Abstract: With the requirements for reducing emissions and improving fuel economy, it has been recognized that the electric, hybrid electric powered...

Authors: Wei Jie Liang, Jin Na Jia, An Qing Liu, Jian Ping Hao

Abstract: As an important engineering work, maintainability design, analysis, evaluation and other activities runs through the entire weapon equipment...

Authors: Yong Yang, Lei Wang, Chuan Zheng Zhu

Abstract: White LEDs can show different correlated color temperature (abbreviated as CCT) by adjusting the luminous spectrum peak distribution and...

Authors: Stanislav Seitl, Hana Šimonová, Zbyněk Keršner, Alfonso Fernández Canteli

Abstract: The paper deals with the problem of estimating the S-N curve for the cement based composites under fatigue loading. Selected approximation...

Authors: Jing Cheng Liu, Shun Peng Zeng, Zhi Gang Yuan

Abstract: The cementing quality is directly related to the normal operation of the gas well, therefore, the evaluation of cementing quality is key to...

Authors: Yun Cai Zhao, Fang Ping Hu, Xiao Mei Liu, Chun Ming Deng, Wen You Ma

Abstract: This paper is about the KF301/WS2 modified lubricating wear-resisting coating which is prepared by supersonic plasma spraying, laser...

Authors: Hou Hua Wang, Tao Zhang, Qiu Lian Xiao

Abstract: This paper presents an experimental study on the energy saving effect of building envelope in winter in Chongqing city. The basic cubicle...


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