Frontiers of Manufacturing and Design Science II

Volumes 121-126

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Dong Mei Huang, Xi Kun Chang, Ye Jiao Liu, Yan Min Wang

Abstract: Based on the prevention of gas explosion in colliery, and the risk early-warning theory, the characteristic and reason of gas explosion is...

Authors: Chen Fa Wu, Wen Huang Lin

Abstract: The purpose of this research is to design a negative air ions (NAI) distribution for a house garden in enhancing human health. This study...

Authors: Nien Tsu Chen, Che Ming Chiang, Kuang Sheng Liu, Shang Yuan Chen, Yi Chang Chiang

Abstract: Intelligent green buildings are the latest development trend of Taiwan’s building industry. This research focuses on how to control the...

Authors: S. Izman, Amirreza Shayganpour, M.H. Idris, Hassan Jafari

Abstract: Lost foam casting is a relatively new process in commercial terms and is widely used to produce defect free castings owing to its advantages...

Authors: Hong Zhu, Gui Xia Guan, Min Hua Wu

Abstract: In moving object positioning and tracking, the GPS positioning error is colored noise with time correlations. According to the results of...

Authors: Jun Yang, Li Ping Zhang

Abstract: The dynamic model of planetary gear system was built up with the consideration of the running characteristics of variable speed and variable...

Authors: Ming Xiao Dong, Rui Chuan Li, Qin Zu Xu

Abstract: A poorly designed control system can lead to excessive residual vibration and long setting time. This paper investigates the effect of input...

Authors: Kuang Hung Tseng, Yung Chang Chen, Yung Chuan Chen

Abstract: Micro plasma arc welding (micro PAW) was carried out AM 350 precipitation hardening alloy to produce an edge-joint weld. The application of...

Authors: Dan Jun Tan, Ying Wang, Peng Qi Wang, Jin Ping Zhao

Abstract: In order to improve the durability of the wood fiber reinforced external wall board, silica fume, a kind of inorganic silica material was...

Authors: Yong Qi Wei, Yun Fang Meng, Qing He Sun

Abstract: The sustainable development of human society makes necessary the research on and the use of RAC. For the purpose of enlarging its...


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