Frontiers of Manufacturing and Design Science II

Volumes 121-126

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Shu Xu

Abstract: In this paper, the high temperature tensile tests and ambient temperature tensile tests are performed. The high strength of the welding for...

Authors: Yu Chung Wang, Hsien Te Lin

Abstract: This research is based on Taiwan’s first zero-carbon green building-Magic School of Green Technology in National Cheng Kung University....

Authors: Bing Wu, Wen Xia Xu, Jun Ge

Abstract: This study is a productivity review on the literature gleaned from web of science databases concerning recommendation in E-Learning...

Authors: Chun Yi Wu, Yu Tung Fu, Zong Han Yang, Chih Ming Kao, Yao Ting Tu

Abstract: In 2007, a 2.8-ha multi-function constructed wetland was successfully built in Pingtung County, Taiwan to improve the water quality of local...

Authors: Peng Ren, Qiong Li, Qing Lin Meng, Gui Ning Wu, Wei Jie Lian

Abstract: For seeking out suitable means of thermal insulation system of building envelope in south China, this paper has conducted simulation...

Authors: Zhao Qi Zeng, Yu Kui Wang, Zhen Long Wang

Abstract: A micro air journal bearing for micro gas turbine engine is designed in this paper. 2D simulation of the aerodynamic micro air bearing is...

Authors: Bi Zhong Xia, Gang Su, Hai Bo Xie, Hua Yong Yang

Abstract: Starting system plays an important role in a hydraulic free piston engine (HFPE) and hydraulic accumulator/directional control valve...

Authors: Zhong Hai Yu, Zhen Yu Wang, Bing Feng Qian, Bing Shao, Li Shun Fan

Abstract: According to medical and physiology study of human health, combined with the authoritative media chronicle , it can be sure that the crawl...

Authors: Bi Zhong Xia, Gang Su, Hai Bo Xie, Hua Yong Yang

Abstract: Bipropellant-powered hydraulic free piston engine (BHFPE), as a new type of HFPE, takes advantage of bipropellant in place of conventional...

Authors: Ping Jiang Wang, Ya Ting Huang, Fang Yu Peng, Jiang Fei Qi, Bin Li

Abstract: For the seam feature measurement of the tight butt joint without misalignment in laser welding, current vision sensor cannot obtain the seam...


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