Frontiers of Manufacturing and Design Science II

Volumes 121-126

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ju Bao Qu

Abstract: The workpiece processing is sometimes necessary to obtain details of the magnified image. Especially in the CAD, CAM and CNC applications in...

Authors: Jin Guang Chen, Zhi Xiong Li

Abstract: Computer and network security is one of the most emergency issues for a large scale of applications. The unexpected intrusion may make...

Authors: Ming Zhi Pan, Hong Xia Pan, Run Peng Zhao

Abstract: Online monitoring and fault diagnosis is an important link of guaranteeing the equipment smooth operation and reliable working, which...

Authors: Lu Li, Fang Wang

Abstract: In order to improve the severe service conditions and balance the needs between the better filling capacity and longer die life, a new flash...

Authors: Jang Ruey Tzeng, Shing Han Li, Chih Had Chen

Abstract: To maintain stable operation and quality of cloud system, enterprises are required to form quality management project team, providing...

Authors: Guo Yong Zhao, Shi Jun Wang, Wen Tao Sui

Abstract: The contour precision has been an important CNC machine accuracy index along with the increase of high precision complex parts NC machining....

Authors: Li Feng Yang, Jun Yuan, Wei Na Liu, Xiu Ming Nie, Xue Liang Pei

Abstract: Use Kingview to acquire and display the centrifugal pump performance parameters for the real-time data, and will stored the collected...

Authors: Bin Li, Si Mao Zhang

Abstract: The contact pressure of packer of rotary blowout preventer (BOP) act on drill pipe is closely related to the life and performance of rubber...

Authors: Xiao Jing Wang, Jian Ying Li, Bo Wu, Jun Peng Shao

Abstract: In order to suppress the friction and leakage interference of continuous rotary electro-hydraulic servo motor, make the motor tracking the...

Authors: Yang Yang, Xin Fu Zhao, Da Tong Qin, Hui Gong

Abstract: To improve the power performance and fuel economy of hybrid electric vehicle, a design idea of hybrid coupling system that combines power...


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