Frontiers of Manufacturing and Design Science II

Volumes 121-126

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ze Min Fu

Abstract: By means of FEM using ANSYS, this paper set up a three–dimensional model by using Pro/E for model S195 diesel engine’s crankshaft...

Authors: Shun Tian Yang, Wan You Zhang, Da Wei Cui, Wei Shen

Abstract: In machining, it often encounters milling large inclined holes with spindle on unvertical space. On 3 axis coordinated NC boring-milling...

Authors: Li Li Liu, Kang Ming Zhong, Xiu Ying Tang

Abstract: This document describes a simple industrial clamping device composed of hinges and a lever in series with, and driven by, a geared stepping...

Authors: Zhong Hai Yu

Abstract: The paper briefly looks back on current research situation of home service robots. It takes a home nursing robot as example to study and...

Authors: R. Jiang, Ya Xi Liao, Chen Lei Fei

Abstract: This paper deal with an analysis of impact of climate conditions on field reliability of vehicles. Two case studies are presented. One case...

Authors: Yong Tian, Shuai Tang, Guo Dong Wang, Pu Wang

Abstract: A successful ultra fast cooling (UFC) technology has been applied to the plate rolling production line in Shouqin Metal Materials Co.Ltd.....

Authors: Hong Xiao Wang, Chun Sheng Wang, Chun Yuan Shi, Zhi Yi Huang

Abstract: Resistance spot welding (RSW) is being taken place by partial lap laser welding for the poor surface quality and bad airtight due to the...

Authors: Yue Feng Zhu, De Lin Chen

Abstract: Simulation and analysis of steady and 2D flow field by using ANSYS8.0 and getting the press and velocity contour. omulate the leakage. then...

Authors: Zhi Gang Niu, Xiao Wang

Abstract: To achieve an agile and accurate motor control performance on coal mine detection robots TUT-CMDR, Fuzzy-PID control and its model building...

Authors: Wen Bin Sun, Wei Jia Guo, Jin Xiao Liu

Abstract: At present, the mines in our country gradually shift from the shallow mining to the deep mining, but the deep well floor is particularly...


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