Frontiers of Manufacturing and Design Science II

Volumes 121-126

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Bing Shao, Xiang Zhen Yan, Xiu Juan Yang

Abstract: With the application of ANSYS finite element analysis software and environmental data in ChengDao oil field, a nonlinear finite element...

Authors: Ze Min Fu

Abstract: According to the combined application of the reverse technology and the rapid prototyping , which is necessary for the complex design and...

Authors: R.N. Huang, Cheng Song, Yun Jiang Lou

Abstract: A speed observer which is consisted of the full order state observer and Kalman filter was designed to estimate instantaneous speed in this...

Authors: Ke Feng, Xiao Ming Meng, Huan Liang Li, Xiao Long Wang

Abstract: Conventional operation parameter monitoring device for construction machineries can only achieve sound (or light) alarm and control over...

Authors: Gui Hua Han, Bing Wei Gao, Yun Fei Wang, Gui Tao Sun, Di Wu, Jun Peng Shao

Abstract: In order to improve the dynamic characteristics of crossbeam of heavy NC gantry moving boring & milling machine, the ribbed slab...

Authors: Hai Huang, Hai Xiang Li, Qi Han Luo

Abstract: Point-line meshing gear is a new-styled gear characterized by both easy manufacturing and divisibility of involute gears and high strength...

Authors: Lei Hu

Abstract: The mechanical manufacturing is the most important index to measure national economic hard power, this study forecast machinery...

Authors: Ju Hua Luo

Abstract: Lithium niobate powders were prepared by mechanochemical treatments using Li2CO3 and Nb2O5 as raw materials. Scanning electron microscopy...

Authors: Yang Yang, Yang Yang, Da Tong Qin, Jin Li

Abstract: A new kind of pressure coordinated control system suite of regenerative braking system for hybrid electric vehicles (HEV) is proposed in...

Authors: Zhou Yang, Yi Min Zhang, Xu Fang Zhang, Xian Zhen Huang

Abstract: Based on reliability design theory, by using the Edgeworth series method, and the sensitivity analysis method, the reliability sensitivity...


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