Frontiers of Manufacturing and Design Science II

Volumes 121-126

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xing Lin Wen, Chuan Lei Li, Fei Yu, Lin Hai Gao

Abstract: In order to solve the question of safe distance between cross-cut and lower lane bolt tunnel and support, aim at geological and mining...

Authors: Tian Zeng, Zhi Hua Zhang

Abstract: Modularity design is a comon method in product design.This essay is about the analyzing of the application of modularity in military product...

Authors: Zhong Hai Yu, Tian Chen, Di Shi Liu, Jing Wang

Abstract: As one of the key components of the nuclear power equipments, the nuclear channel head has a complicated shape and is difficult to be...

Authors: Tao Deng, Fen Bin Hu, Dong Ye Sun

Abstract: Based on the analysis of Dual clutch transmission (DCT) working principle, the shift kinetics model is established, and the power switching...

Authors: Xu De Cheng, Lei Lei, Jian Hu Zhang, Wei Peng, Xin You Cui

Abstract: With the development and application of automation and information technology, missile equipment become increasingly sophisticated and...

Authors: Xing Wu Qiu, Yun Peng Zhang, Chun Ge Liu

Abstract: In order to change the traditional status that rolling mill liner can not be manufactured with a single material, laser transformation...

Authors: Xue Wen Chong, Chuan Zhen Huang, Liang Xu, Guo Long Zhao, Bin Zou, Han Lian Liu

Abstract: The cutting performance and wear mechanisms of whisker-toughening ceramic cutting tools synthesized by carbothermal reduction process have...

Authors: Rui Liang Zhang, Tie Wang, Zhi Fei Wu

Abstract: Tooth contact analysis (TCA) is an effective tool for meshing analysis of the double circular arc profile spiral bevel gear (DCAPSBG), and...

Authors: Jin Dong Wang, Jun Jie Guo, Bao An Guo, Hong Jian Wang

Abstract: How to quickly and accurately detect the error of NC machine has become a hot issue for domestic and foreign scholars. Based on GPS...

Authors: Bin Wang, Jie Tao, Hong Pan Wu

Abstract: To meet the requirement of mass customization of garbage truck, knowledge engineering plays an important part in modern garbage truck...


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