Frontiers of Manufacturing and Design Science II

Volumes 121-126

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yu Dong Bao, Yan Ling Guo, Pei Zhuang He

Abstract: As the plant areas of blueberries expand unceasingly, the realization of harvesting mechanization becomes more and more urgent. The fruit...

Authors: Rong Mo, Zhong Wei Gong, Hai Cheng Yang, Xin Zhang

Abstract: In order to avoid avalanche propagation in engineering change that is high-risk and high-cost, two methods for the detection of avalanche...

Authors: Chun Ming Chen, Yi Qun Wang, Yang Yang

Abstract: Oil source made up of constant pressure variable displacement pump, accumulator, and pipeline is widely used to provide stable pressure for...

Authors: Ming Qiu, Guo Feng Wang, Yao Xing Bai, Long Chen, Ying Chun Li

Abstract: Experiments were carried out to investigate the tribological properties of spherical plain bearings with copper grid composite liners filled...

Authors: Chao Wu Jin, Long Xiang Xu, Qiu Ping Fan, Yi Li Zhu

Abstract: For some special active magnetic bearings (AMBs) application occasions that demand the rotor isolated from external environment, especially...

Authors: Ze Min Fu

Abstract: In this paper, the influencing factors of springback for air-bending of sheet metal are introduced. The bending springback in various...

Authors: Zhao Gang Cheng, Xin Hua Ni, Xie Quan Liu

Abstract: Based on the interaction between nano-fiber and eutectic interphase, forth-phase mode is used to get the mechanical stress field of matrix...

Authors: Wen Quan Huang, Kai Shi Li, Hai Jun Liu

Abstract: This paper adopts the method labor time standard, in the development environment of VC++, using Access database storage costs data, and the...

Authors: She Liang Wang, Zhuo Chen, Yu Jiang Fan, Qian Ying Ma

Abstract: The large spatial reticulated structures belong to vibration and defects sensitive structures when vibrations will be easily produced under...

Authors: Yan Cheng Han

Abstract: Canal control algorithm is very import in the process of water delivery. The paper presents a parameters-self-adapting canal flow fuzzy P+PR...


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