Frontiers of Manufacturing and Design Science II

Volumes 121-126

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ya Nan Meng, Wei Ping Gao

Abstract: By analyzing forces acting on moving scroll, a new calculation model of overturning moment is proposed, and the principle of opening the...

Authors: Feng Yin, Wen Qiang Li, Yan Li

Abstract: The objective of product design is to meet some function demand of people and the goal of product innovation is to realize product function...

Authors: Guo Quan Yang, You Qun Zhao, Jun Yan Li

Abstract: This paper discussed the theoretical analysis and engineering improvement test verification of the crack problem in the back van of the...

Authors: Hai Jun Wang, Jing Zeng, Guang Bing Luo, Zhuan Hua Liu

Abstract: The emergency braking deceleration and braking distance of high-speed train were studied under the conditions of adhesion brake on dry and...

Authors: Yu Jin, Wen Jun Hou, Fu Xing Yang

Abstract: According to the characteristics and needs of complicated products, a method for handing assembly sequence based on improved Slope One...

Authors: Wei Jia Guo, Bo Yi An

Abstract: Large-scale separation terrane in bending strip upside cranny strip is brought by un-consistency of overlying strata subsidence movement due...

Authors: Ding Xuan Zhao, Miao Xu, Peng Liu, Chun Bo Xu, Ming Zhi Lin, Qun Liang Dai

Abstract: Hydraulic excavator energy saving is one of the dominating problem that trouble construction machinery industry. Hybrid technology brings...

Authors: Bo Zhao, Ping Ai

Abstract: NURBS surface modeling technique is an important part of computer aided industrial design(CAID), and surface modeling has much advantage....

Authors: Lin Yang, Peng Zhang, Yuan Tao Wang

Abstract: In this paper, a new type of large-size spiral bevel gear machine is used as a model to study the structural characteristics of spiral bevel...

Authors: Xue Bin Li, Zheng Xing Ma, Guo Lei Liu, Ming Cheng Chen, Quan Mei Zhu

Abstract: East auxiliary roadway of Pingshuo Mine No.3 passed through coal bed washout with the roof rock crushing, which leaded to roadway support...


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