Frontiers of Manufacturing and Design Science II

Volumes 121-126

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jun Zhang, Guang Hui Xue, Miao Wu

Abstract: According to the detection and monitoring requirements of the mechanical equipments used in coal mine, this paper achieves the state signal...

Authors: Pei Hao Zhu, Lian Hong Zhang, Bing Yu, Qi Zhi Xie

Abstract: The classical preload design method of prestressed frame of hydraulic presses is based on the assumption that the beams of the frame are...

Authors: Yuan Gan Wang, Hong Lin Yu, Xin Yu Liang

Abstract: Various frequency bands of noises are contained in the actual signal. And it's difficult to eliminate the noise portion, which has a time...

Authors: Dong Lin Ma, Wei Jun Gao

Abstract: Aimed to overcome the deficiency of abundant data to web mining, the paper proposed an association-analysis based algorithm. Firstly, we...

Authors: Pei Zhuang He, Hai Zhu, Zhi Peng Li, Hai Bin Wang

Abstract: In order to determine the key parameters of blueberry picking machine, the three-dimensional solid modeling of Blueberry Picking System is...

Authors: Ying Yao Ting, King Chu Hung, Yih Fong Tzeng

Abstract: The acoustic signals were strongly related to the behavior of the arc column, the molten pool and droplet transfer in gas metal arc...

Authors: Dun Zhang, Yuan Zheng, Ying Zhao, Jian Jun Huang

Abstract: Numerical simulation of three-dimensional transient turbulent flow in the whole flow passage of a Francis turbine were based upon the large...

Authors: Yong Qiao Li, Yong Xiang Chen, Qiang Chen

Abstract: As for the widely used five-axis NC machine with dual turntable, this paper constructs the kinematics mathematic model and finishes solving...

Authors: Yuan Xie, Bin Jiao

Abstract: A kind of wind-solar hybrid experiment system is designed for teaching and research. The experiment system is consisted of wind energy...

Authors: Yu Mei Bao, Jun Lv, Ying Jun Zhang, Mei Feng Xu, Guo Zhong Chai

Abstract: The subsurface transverse median crack system due to spherical contact in brittle coating-bond -substrate sandwich structure is investigated...


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