Frontiers of Manufacturing and Design Science II

Volumes 121-126

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yang Zhi Chen, Zhen Chen, Xiao Yan Fu

Abstract: The formulas of design parameters for spatial helix gearing mechanism are deduced based on the equation of spatial curve meshing, including...

Authors: Li Qiang Ma, Dong Sheng Zhang, Jin Long Jia, Yong Sheng Li

Abstract: We have independent developed ZY6400/25/53 two-leg high cutting hydraulic shield supports firstly, which width was 1.5 m could adapt to much...

Authors: Xin Zhang, Ling Cai

Abstract: An engine control unit mixing fuel-hydrogen based on microcontroller is proposed, including the system power modular, the sensor signal...

Authors: Liang Li, Zhi Ming Feng

Abstract: In order to control the deformation deviation of automobile panels welding assembly, the author analyzed the assembly process of spot...

Authors: Xu Zhang, Wei Wei Cui, Li Wei Li, Ji Jun Cui, Yang Cao, Hai Rong Zhao, Song Yang Li, Guo Quan Hao, Zhi Bing Feng, De Fang He

Abstract: A novel kind of flywheel energy storage system structure for vehicle is put forward and studied. Flywheel rotor dimension optimization is...

Authors: Lin Hui Li, Yi Bing Zhao, Jing Lian, Shu Mei Wu

Abstract: Slip-sinkage is one of the main factors influencing the driving safety of planetary rover in soft terrain. In the environment of scarce...

Authors: Xing Chun Yan, Zhi Fang Liu, Yong Qin Wang, Yuan Xin Luo

Abstract: To increase quality of the final product, high-precision rolling mills have been used in the modern steel making industry. Hydraulic bending...

Authors: Xiao Li Jin, Bao Ji Ma, Tao Feng

Abstract: Combined the theory research with the actual force and deformation of the guideway joint, the isoparametric eight-node contact element is...

Authors: Hui Wen Wang, Zai Lin Yang, Hua Nan Xu

Abstract: The problem of dynamic response of multiple circular cavities near multiple semi-cylindrical alluvial valleys under incident plane SH-waves...

Authors: Long Sheng Bao, Dan Yang, Ling Yu

Abstract: The grand bridge of Fu Feng is prestressed concrete cross-section continuous girder, which is reinforced with external prestressing....


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