Frontiers of Manufacturing and Design Science II

Volumes 121-126

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xin Li Hu

Abstract: The performance management of e-government is crucial for e-government construction which can realize the orientation function to directly...

Authors: Song Huang, Meng Yu Ji, Zhan Wei Hui, Yi Ting Duanmu

Abstract: Integer bugs are considered to be the rising threat to mission-critical software. For the oracle problem, testers always ignore integer bugs...

Authors: Wu Bin Xu, De Jian Zhou, Peter Ogrodnik, Mike Goodwin

Abstract: The manufacturing tolerances of a hydrodynamic journal bearing system are inevitable in manufacturing process. To examine and understand the...

Authors: Jian Li Dong, Wen Bin Hu, Ming Liang Hou

Abstract: According to the current status of Chinese undergraduate education development and practical innovative talent training, the advantages and...

Authors: Lei Lei, Jia Jing Zhuo, He Chen, Xian Feng Luo, Wei Peng

Abstract: According to one system circuit board testing needs,one general circuit board detection system based on USB is designed,which achieve...

Authors: Ping Wang, Liu Ye Chen, Chao Qun Wang

Abstract: The paper proposes the design method of output filter and repetitive controller of inverter in stand-alone PV system. The design of filter...

Authors: Xin Zhang, Meng Zang, Lian Min Cao, Ning Ding

Abstract: By the analysis of the development tendency and test standards requirements of high-level hydraulic support, this paper primarily determines...

Authors: Shu Jun Li, Clément Gosselin

Abstract: The singularity-free workspace of parallel mechanisms is important in the trajectory planning and the kinematic design of the mechanisms....

Authors: Min Wang

Abstract: Consumption demand has transferred from quantitative consumption to "perceptual consumption" at nowadays through qualitative consumption...

Authors: Wei Ming Du, Cai Bin Liu

Abstract: Following the test work is difficult and complex in the modern radar maintenance support, the automatic testing of radar board is necessary...


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