Mechanical and Electronics Engineering III

Volumes 130-134

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ying Zhao, Pan Pan Yang

Abstract: Along with the exaltation of people to the electric energy quality requirements, the importance of compensating the reactive power is valued...

Authors: Yi Wang, Jian Wu

Abstract: Aimed at the demand of reducing the wiring harness and declining cost in the automobile control system, electrical controlling system of...

Authors: Jian Liang Meng, Yan Yan Yang, Wei Hua Niu

Abstract: Data mining is a computer analysis technology to birth not long but with rapid development, in these years, data mining theories have...

Authors: Shi Ying Shi, Dao Chun Fu, Wei Fang Tang, Wei Dong Huang

Abstract: The transportation network dynamic port and the correlation question are in the intelligence transportation system the transportation flow...

Authors: Guang Liang Liu, Sheng Xian Xie, Wei Fu

Abstract: On the elliptic curve cryptosystem proposed a new multi-proxy signature scheme - (t, k, n) threshold blind proxy signature scheme.In new...

Authors: Huan Tao Zeng, Hui Zhang, Hong Jun Wu, Zhi Yu

Abstract: Steering angle features prominently in accident and driver behavior analysis or other applications, but can hardly be recorded in most...

Authors: Ping Zhang, Zheng Qiang Song

Abstract: This paper presents a comparative study of two popular Evolutionary Algorithms (EA): GeneticAlgorithms (GA) andParticle Swarm Optimization...

Authors: Ling Wei, Jing Shuai Xiao, Da Yong Geng

Abstract: The application of electric power, which acts as a pillar energy and economic artery in modern society, is one of the most important symbols...

Authors: Ze Yu Chen, Guang Yao Zhao

Abstract: Based on tracked vehicle dynamics analysis, a fuzzy control strategy is proposed in this paper for the dual electric tracked vehicle motion...

Authors: Fan Zhang, Zu De Zhou, Xiao Jie Liu

Abstract: CBR (Case-based reasoning) theory is applied to the automobile quality fault diagnosis field. Case description, case retrieve and case reuse...


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