Mechanical and Electronics Engineering III

Volumes 130-134

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Bao Hui Li, Bao Juan Tian

Abstract: In this paper a novel hybrid organic–inorganic amino hybrid material monolithic column for capillary electro chromatography (CEC) is...

Authors: Yuan Fang Zhao, Shi Guan Yang, Ji Hong Li, Yong Mei He, Qiang Lu, Chang Qing Dong

Abstract: In order to study characteristics of anaerobic co-digestion of corn straw and cabbage, the experiment was performed with corn straw to...

Authors: Shu Hua Su, Shi Ye Feng, Yuan Fang Zhao, Qiang Lu, Wei Liang Cheng, Chang Qing Dong

Abstract: The selective catalysis reduction (SCR) is one of the most promising technologies for NOx reduction at present. There are three types of...

Authors: Qiang Lu, Zhi Bo Zhang, Cai Juan Zhang, Shu Hua Su, Wen Yan Li, Chang Qing Dong

Abstract: Fast pyrolysis of biomass to produce bio-oil is one of the most promising technologies to utilize lignocellulosic biomass. Liquid bio-oil...

Authors: Wei Ran Wang, Xian Xing Liu, Hong Bo Wang, Xin Zhu

Abstract: Direct Torque Control (DTC) has an important role in current motor control. This paper focus on its torque ripple of the reference vector...

Authors: Xiu De Wu, Xiong Wang

Abstract: An electromechanical control system of a novel bioreactor for ligament tissue engineering, combined with culture medium perfusion control,...

Authors: Min Chin Lee, Zth Ru Yang, Zth Jing Hu

Abstract: This paper proposes gain boosting architecture of a rail-to-rail folded cascaded operational amplifier with CMFB scheme that employing fully...

Authors: Yong Wang, Ying Zhang, Ji Fen Li

Abstract: Based on the positional characteristic of ellipticorbit of four-bar linkage, we develop a device to support rehabilitation of a patient’s...

Authors: Yong Qing Wang, Na Chong, Shi Yuan Wang, Lei Zhang, Jing Feng Xiong

Abstract: On account of pests and diseases in greenhouse, solar cells were used for energy. Ozone was generated by corona discharge during the day...

Authors: Hui Juan Chu, Hong Liang Wei, Jing Zhu, Chun Ping Nong

Abstract: Molecular imprinted polymers were synthesized using α-methylacrylacid as monomer, acetylsalicylic acid as template. Polyethylene glycol...


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