Mechanical and Electronics Engineering III

Volumes 130-134

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Wen Peng Zhai, Ai Guo Wu, Yu Wen You

Abstract: The methods and theories about reducing energy consumption of buildings are some of the most popular topics for green buildings research...

Authors: Dan Lee, Huai Bin Wang

Abstract: Oriented filters are useful in many computer vision and image processing tasks. It is a kind of oriented filters, rotated very efficiently...

Authors: Jia Lu Liu, Ai Guo Wu

Abstract: This paper proposes a new analytical model of manufacturing system with two parallel machine workstations. The machines in the system are...

Authors: Yan Ming Lu

Abstract: As to spiral groove grinding, convertionally was based on envelope theory, a formed wheel was needed to be designed and manufactured, and...

Authors: Heng Liang Zhang, Dan Mei Xie, Chu Nie, Yang Heng Xiong

Abstract: This paper presents the faster calculating models of temperature and thermal stress in a rotor based on two-dimensional axis-symmetry...

Authors: Ou Yang Yi, Martin Maerz

Abstract: Much more investigation is done in the low speed operation of IM. High-speed operation is rarely paid attention; since it is assumed that...

Authors: Jian Sun, Gui Yun Xu

Abstract: Owing to the tamping mechanism of paving machines, the shocks towards flatiron-box are produced by compound motion of tamping beam. This...

Authors: Shu Qing Zhang, Yu Zhu He, Jin Min Zhang, Yu Chun Zhao

Abstract: Aiming at complex features of the fault rotating machinery such as nonstationary and nonlinearity, a new method for fault diagnosis based on...

Authors: Wen Peng Zhai, Ai Guo Wu, Yu Wen You

Abstract: Vapor compression chiller, the largest proportion of building energy consumption as the design and running characteristics, work at part...

Authors: Yi Hui Yin, Yuan Dong Liu, Xin Lun Wang

Abstract: The load rotational moment and power of a centrifuge with rotational arms (CWRA) consist of aerodynamic, inertial and frictional rotational...


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