Mechanical and Electronics Engineering III

Volumes 130-134

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hong Kun Li, Jian Ding, Cheng Guo

Abstract: This paper concentrates on modeling the gear transmission system using a three-dimensional finite-element approach for the acoustic...

Authors: Hong Wang

Abstract: In recent years, agricultural products are evolving to dynamic and multiplicity. With the product features improved, the capacity and...

Authors: Liu Yan Shu, Yan Pin Ning

Abstract: In this paper, the instrument is designed by basing on principle of the measurement method of straightness error measurement of deep hole,...

Authors: Tao Ke, Yuan Tao Wang, Zhen Yu Wang, Cong Wang, Peng Zhang

Abstract: This essay mainly focuses on the design of the track of miller tools used on the cleaning of residues in aluminum liquid container. It puts...

Authors: Guo Qing Lin, Mao Ting Wang

Abstract: Flue gas turbine is the key equipment of the refinery catalytic cracking unit and blades are important component parts. However, blades...

Authors: Qing Wu, Nan Li, Quan Lai Li

Abstract: A new SVLX static mixer is original designed by the author with the structure of alternative connection of the SV static mixing unit and...

Authors: Lin Yang, Shuai Nan Ren, Zhen Yu Wang, Peng Zhang

Abstract: The tooth surface shape of spiral bevel gear is complex. In the detection process of errors tooth surface model is constructed based on...

Authors: You Yu Liu, Jiang Han, Gou Zheng Zhang, Wen Gang Ye

Abstract: To solve the problem that hydropower stations equipped with propeller turbine are not able to work under small flow conditions in dry...

Authors: Ling Zhou, Wei Dong Shi, Wei Gang Lu, Hui Li

Abstract: Axial force is one of the main factors which affect the pump safety and reliability during the operation of pumps, especially in multi-stage...

Authors: Hui Peng Chen, Jian Hua Liu, Guo Jin Chen, You Ping Gong

Abstract: In order to improve the maneuverability and the automation of loader working device, this paper establishes it’s Electro-Hydraulic Servo...


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