Mechanical and Electronics Engineering III

Volumes 130-134

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Dong Dong Li, Ming Ming Xu, Li Ming Xu, De Jin Hu

Abstract: The feed drive system model of NC precision sphere grinding machine (MD6040) is constructed. Although a large number of researchers pay more...

Authors: Jia Ming Deng, Wei Wang, Hui Ping Shen, Zheng Hua Ma, Yun Feng Li, Suo Lin Duan

Abstract: In order to meet the needs of changing positions and orientations in large-scale product testing and large workpiece operating, such as...

Authors: Hai Bing Jiang, Jian Ruan, Ming Ming Wu, Tao Wang

Abstract: A new type of squeeze film damper (SFD) is designed to reduce spool’s impact and vibration which happen in the two-stage larger flow rate...

Authors: Ji Sheng Liu, Liang Zhong

Abstract: This article dissertated the status of classification to desulfurization agent CaCO3, designed a kind of new-type whirlpool...

Authors: Qi Qi, Hong Ji

Abstract: The simulation models of the hydraulic motor-vane pump and three-phase asynchronous motor are established based on Maxwell 2D of ANSOFT,...

Authors: Yu Long Li, Kun Liu, Fu Chun Sun

Abstract: In order to understand the vibration characteristics of gears based on trapped-oil in external spur-gear pump, from the calculations of...

Authors: Zhong Si Xu, Lei Jin, Jin Tai Tian

Abstract: In order to improve the machining accuracy of spiral bevel gear, difference surface was adopted to characterize its global form deviations...

Authors: Yue Ping Mo, Hong Jin, Peng Fei Xu, Dong Liu Jiang, Yun Jing Liu

Abstract: The working principle and driven approach of a piezoelectric linear motor which uses axial stretching vibration of cascading piezoelectric...

Authors: La Wu Zhou, Shu Qi Shi, Li Li

Abstract: This paper designs a dual topological structure of grid-connected inverter for high-power wind turbine, and introduces PWM converter's...

Authors: Hong Mei Sun, Ming Gao, Song Lin Nie

Abstract: As the global energy and environmental situation is serious, the wind energy as a clean, renewable energy,is got more and more world...


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