Mechanical and Electronics Engineering III

Volumes 130-134

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jun Lin, Qun Qun Huang, Jing Jing Zhu, Zheng Gui Gu

Abstract: Aiming at the raw material of a methylal-methanol azeotropic mixture (including 91.8% of methylal, 8.2% of methanol), With a certain...

Authors: Hao Jiang, Yan Xue, Guang Bing Liu, Xiao Yu Fan

Abstract: Based on the SAO catalogue, it is presented an approach for modeling and simulating on star map genetation for all-sky. All this can be done...

Authors: Rui Mei Lian

Abstract: An amended LMS Newton algorithm is proposed which create the nonlinear functional relation of the step factor μ and the error signal...

Authors: Xin Rong Zhang, Bo Chang

Abstract: When the process monitoring model based on PCA is established, outliers would destroy covariance structure of model, so monitoring model...

Authors: Sheng Peng, Yuan Xiang Li

Abstract: A new self-organizing migrating algorithm named the Dynamic Hybrid Self-Organizing Migrating Algorithm (DHSOMA) is proposed in this paper....

Authors: Hui Qian, Lun Yu

Abstract: We propose an exponential approximating function as a sampling kernel with finite rate of innovation. The performance of reconstruct...

Authors: Meng Meng Lin, Sheng Tao Yu, Yu Lin Ying

Abstract: This paper analyses the factors that influence the development of electric vehicles, from the aspects of energy, power grid capacity,...

Authors: Jia Lu Liu, Ai Guo Wu

Abstract: This paper presents a model of manufacturing system with two parallel workstations. The machines in the system are non-identical unreliable...

Authors: Jun Ying Wei, Pei Si Zhong

Abstract: Based on the common similarity algorithm between ontology concepts, this paper makes use of semantic weighted distance and introduces such...

Authors: Jian Fei Zhang, Xi Juan Guo, Qing Jia Geng

Abstract: We present an algorithm to compute Minkowski sum of general ployhedra, the algorithm removes unnecessary information of computing pairwise...


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