Mechanical and Electronics Engineering III

Volumes 130-134

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Feng Huang, Li Juan Wang, Zong Yu Chen, Li Du

Abstract: The market share for sport utility vehicles is becoming increasingly very fast in recent years. Many auto companies are stepping up the work...

Authors: Jun Wei Zhao, Ming Jun Zhang, Yong Gang Yan, Yong Peng Yan

Abstract: At present, the ballistic Target tracking has a higher demand in convergence rate and tracking precision of filter algorithm. In the paper,...

Authors: Chang Qing Liu, Wen Cai Luo

Abstract: To investigate the effect of design parameters with statistical characteristics on ballistics performance, sensitivity analysis of the...

Authors: Wei Zhang, Jun Cheng Jiang

Abstract: To locate the fire station under a prescribed period is of strategic significance in the urban fire planning. On the .Net platform,...

Authors: Ya Biao Li, Bao Guang Wang, Wen Wen Li

Abstract: A method for analyzing the textural features of image is put forward by using the wavelet decomposition. That is used to measure color...

Authors: Ling Zhen Dong, Lan Sun Chen

Abstract: With some theory about continuous and impulsive dynamical system, an impulsive model based on a special predator-prey system is considered....

Authors: Ying Zhao, Ning Wang, Qiu Luan Chen, Tie Cheng Wang, Wen Yi Liu, Qiang Lu, Chang Qing Dong

Abstract: This paper presents the numerical simulation of a 48t/h biomass fired grate boiler with an inner boiler dust removal device located in the...

Authors: Jun Jiao Zhang, Xu Ming Zhang, Da Long Jiang, Yuan Fang Zhao, Zhi Fei Zhang, Hong Wei Song, Qiang Lu, Chang Qing Dong

Abstract: The fly ash and ash of different biomass power plants are selected as research objects, of which the combustion characteristics are studied....

Authors: Xiao Qiang Wang, Shi Ye Feng, Shu Hua Su, Zhi Bo Zhang, Qiang Lu, Chang Qing Dong

Abstract: This paper presents the drying characteristics of rice husk and cornstalk with high moisture content at fixed temperatures. Experiments were...

Authors: Ying Zhao, Tie Cheng Wang, Ning Wang, Qiu Luan Chen, Zhi Hua Ge, Qiang Lu, Chang Qing Dong

Abstract: A double-grate biomass direct-fired boiler is designed and modified with connected reciprocating grate and oscillation grate based on a...


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