Advanced Mechanical Engineering

Volumes 26-28

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: N. Ethiraj, V.S. Senthil Kumar

Abstract: Deep drawing is one of the most widely used metal forming process to produce sheet metal parts especially in automobile industries. Warm...

Authors: Guang Ying Yang

Abstract: In a hermetic model building, when there is a signal of fire alarm, the robot will start and send out alarm constantly. It will find the...

Authors: Qing Hua Dai, Peng Ji, Chen Bo Yin, Di Sheng Yi, Bin Wang, Jie Zhu

Abstract: A high Computational Complexity of welding deformation Simulation for large hydraulic excavator is visible. Similitude theory is a better...

Authors: Zhi Ping Zhu, Ke Long Huang, Yi Zhou

Abstract: A new type and high efficiency adsorbent was prepared with powder activated carbon and polyurethane vesicant and surfactant, which being...

Authors: Min Peng, Jun Tang

Abstract: This paper describes the basic theory of SOA architecture and the related technologies to achieve SOA, presents a simplified information...

Authors: Xi Zhi Zhu

Abstract: Since complex industry object has characteristic of non-linearity, uncertainty and time-change, this paper studied about application of...

Authors: Chun Gui Du, Chun De Jin

Abstract: Plybamboo is commonly made using chordwise bamboo strips. Previous studies have indicated that the bamboo utilization rate and the...

Authors: Yan Jun Pang, Nian Peng Wang, Li Min Liu

Abstract: As one of typical multilevel fuzzy comprehensive evaluation, the key step for the evaluation of operation quality of urban taxi...

Authors: Bao Ming Wang, Ying Kang Zou, Peng Li, Guo Hai Zhang

Abstract: Due to the shortage of complete design material and mature manufacturing method, less teeth gear (1-7 teeth) transmission has many...

Authors: Guo Hai Zhang, Peng Li, Ying Kang Zou, Bao Ming Wang

Abstract: Because of the lack of research, there is no mature design method for less-teeth gear transmission nowadays. In this paper, based on the...


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