Advanced Mechanical Engineering

Volumes 26-28

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Qiang Li, R.M. Newman, Chang Fu Zhao

Abstract: In this part, we present a 2-D four-point method to determine 3-D coordinate system in the application of automotive styling. This is a...

Authors: Qiang Li, R.M. Newman, Shuai Feng Zhang

Abstract: In this part, the perspective projection has been obtained if one more planar point is given according to the four planar points discussed...

Authors: Shi Lin Feng

Abstract: To guarantee the run effectiveness of the quality management system(QMS), a comprehensive evaluation system of the QMS’s effectiveness is...

Authors: Ang Li, Yan Qiu Zhang, Yan Li, Zhi Jun Diao

Abstract: With influent distribution, high sludge concentration and low substrate state are carried out in ECOSUNIDE technics, bring in high nutrient...

Authors: Kai Jun Leng, Shu Hong Zhang

Abstract: This work presents the combination of fuzzy theory and rough set theory to solve facility location selection problems under the condition of...

Authors: Zhi Ping Zhu, Ting Liu, Shu Hua Xiong, Ling Ling Jing

Abstract: The nano-TiO2 photocatalysts which loaded on hollow float beads were prepared by sol-gel process. The hollow float beads as carrier was...

Authors: Peng Ji, Qing Hua Dai, Chen Bo Yin, Di Sheng Yi, Bin Wang, Jie Zhu

Abstract: For the plate butt welding of the same materials with different geometry structures, the numerical simulation was adopted to analyze the...

Authors: Shi Wei Zhang, Wen Sheng Liang, Guo Zhao Ji

Abstract: Considering the difficulty to precisely indicate the specified height for transparent or semitransparent thin liquid column, a novel...

Authors: Dian Wu Zhang, Yu Xing Wang, Yan Qin Tang, Wen Zeng

Abstract: To study the resistance-reducing effect of bionic surface on cone of screw pile for preventing flood and rushing to deal with an emergency,...

Authors: Shu Sheng Sun, Wei Wu

Abstract: Unascertained clustering is an unsupervised clustering based on unascertained set. It is a method to make soft division of objects which is...


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