Advanced Mechanical Engineering

Volumes 26-28

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ke Yan Tang, Ren Ke Kang

Abstract: During the silicon wafer grinding, the different process parameters could cause the silicon wafer shape greatly different. Based on the...

Authors: Hua Zhang, Jia Wen Xu, Jian She Zhao, Guo Ran Hua

Abstract: Recast layer is an inherent defect commonly associated with holes produced with laser drilling. The defect is likely to limit the extent of...

Authors: Fu Qing Zhao, Xin Ai

Abstract: Subdivision surfaces have become a standard technique for free shape modeling. But tradition subdivision scheme does not adjust the shape of...

Authors: Yan Liu, Mao Fa Jiang, Li Xian Xu

Abstract: For describing and resolving the process of chromium ore smelting reduction preferably, the coupling dynamic model was established using...

Authors: Fu Qing Zhao, Ya Hong Yang

Abstract: The grid resources scheduling problem is one of the key problem in manufacturing grid. After studying on manufacturing grid resource...

Authors: Dong Zhou, Jian Ming Shi, Jie Geng, Chuan Lv

Abstract: The paper first demonstrates some relevant concepts with virtual maintenance, and further discusses the concepts and connotations of virtual...

Authors: Xin Zhao, Ying Rong Jin, Xing Hua Zhu

Abstract: High-pure and single-phase PbI2 polycrystal was synthesized by Pb and I elements (99.9999%) according to the stoichiometry of PbI2 with...

Authors: Yan Jun Shi, Fu Zheng Qu, Wang Chen, Bo Li

Abstract: The resource-constrained project scheduling is an important problem for enterprise resource planning. We herein propose a differential...

Authors: De Fa Zhang

Abstract: With the development of times, industry has been making great progress, which varies from primitive manual labor to machines in the age of...

Authors: Zhi Jun Zhang, Shi Wei Zhang, Cheng Hai Xu

Abstract: The 3D physical model of the electrical water heater was built. The water-heater performance of two kind structures was resolved by computer...


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