Advanced Mechanical Engineering

Volumes 26-28

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Qi Hong, Li Zhi Gu, Chun Jiang Xiang

Abstract: Low-frequency vibration cutting is a new kind of advanced manufacturing process with several features of advantages, compared with...

Authors: Guang Bin Wang, Liang Pei Huang

Abstract: In the noise reduction algorithm based on manifold learning, phase space data may be distorted and reduction targets are chosen at random,...

Authors: Bao Zhen Yao, Cheng Yong Yang, Juan Juan Hu, Guo Dong Yin, Bo Yu

Abstract: Job shop scheduling problem (JSP) plays a significant role for production management and combinatorial optimization. An improved artificial...

Authors: Yong Ming Zhu, Kang Xin Wu

Abstract: The performance of corporate social responsibility is increasingly becoming the focus of people’s attention. So we have to strengthen the...

Authors: Zi Ming Kou, Rui Li

Abstract: To understand the influence of external factors on powder flow process from the hopper, and to get the prerequisite to control the flow...

Authors: Dao Chun Hu, Lei Wang

Abstract: The objective of this study was to research a newly progressive die , which unifies the merit of high efficiency of the progressive dies and...

Authors: Zhong Yu Huang, Zhi Qiang Yu, Zhi Xiong Li, Yuan Cheng Geng

Abstract: Wear particle and vibration analysis are the two main condition monitoring techniques for machinery maintenance and fault diagnosis in...

Authors: Dong Zhang, Chun Li Zhang

Abstract: Nanometer barium-stroutium titanate immobilized on aluminum oxide (ABST) was prepared by the citric acid sol–gel method and characterized by...

Authors: Wei Hui Dai

Abstract: Due to the intensely increasing competition and rapidly changing demand, Mass Customization(MC) manufacture has been the new trend for...

Authors: Wei Hui Dai

Abstract: In the face of increasing competition and diversified demand, product design must be customer oriented for modern enterprises to satisfy the...


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