Applied Mechanics And Mechanical Engineering

Volumes 29-32

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Wei Li Zhao, Zhi Guo Zhang

Abstract: Genes are classified in order to understanding the categories of animals and plants, and to getting the knowledge about their connatural...

Authors: Xiao Yun Chen, Gui Lan Yu

Abstract: The propagation of elastic waves through a micro gap considering frictional contact is investigated in the present paper. Using the Fourier...

Authors: Hai Ming Huang, Xiao Liang Xu, Yu Liu

Abstract: A combined numerical model is proposed in order to solve ablation and denudation under high temperature and high pressure. Vortex method is...

Authors: Ming Wei Chui, You Qian Feng, Wei Wang, Jun Hong, Pei Lin Li

Abstract: Aiming at the layout problem of underprop equipments in constructing 3-D abnormal space, a Creating method of underprop project is presented...

Authors: Xi Su, Peng Bai, Yan Ping Feng, Yuan Yuan Wu

Abstract: Adopted by IEEE802.11b standard as the high speed expanding scheme, CCK modulation technology performs well in error probability with high...

Authors: Shao Peng Guan, Yu Ling Wang, Chang Xin Nai, Jing Cai Liu

Abstract: The electrical method is effective on detecting and locating leaks in geomembrane liners for landfills. If a leak exists in the liner, an...

Authors: Jiu Long Xiong, Jun Ying Xia, Xian Quan Xu, Zhen Tian

Abstract: Camera calibration establishes the relationship between 2D coordinates in the image and 3D coordinates in the 3D world. BP neural network...

Authors: Xian Qi Zhang, Wen Hong Feng, Nan Nan Li

Abstract: It is necessary to take into account synthetically attribute of every index because of independence and incompatibility resulted from single...

Authors: Xiao Zheng, Zhen Ning Liu

Abstract: This paper reveals the concentration status of the construction industry in the 8 provinces of southeast China, its impact on the local...

Authors: Xin Mei Lu, Lei He

Abstract: It is necessary for researchers to design lightweight authentication protocols to protect information security between tag and reader in...


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