Applied Mechanics And Mechanical Engineering

Volumes 29-32

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Bao Qian Dai, Tong Wang, Jin Zhang

Abstract: The state of pedestrian flow was observed for public assembly place exit. The basic parameter data of evacuation simulation obtained from...

Authors: Xi Hong Zou, Quan Shi, Xiong Xiong Zhang

Abstract: Motorcycle Ride Comfort is the important performance of motorcycle. In this paper, a rigid-flexible coupling virtual prototype is developed...

Authors: Xiao Gang Wu, Wei Yi Chen

Abstract: Under simulated physiological loading state (walking and running), cattle femur’s SGP was tested by INSTRON (8847) tester. Strictly...

Authors: Xiao Hu, Ye Gao

Abstract: Simulations on two-phase cavitating flows containing water and vapor, on axisymmetric body with disk cavitator have been implemented through...

Authors: Li Tao Zhang, Shao Hua Cheng, Ting Zhu Huang, Tong Xiang Gu

Abstract: In this paper, we present the generalized relaxed SSOR method (GRSSOR) for solving the large sparse augmented systems of linear equations,...

Authors: Bing Liang, Li Guo Jiang, Xiu Sheng Lu

Abstract: For analysis of influence factors on heavy metal release from different weathering mine waste rock in Fu Xin mine area under the effect of...

Authors: Cheng Ming Wu, Peng Chen, Yong Yang

Abstract: The genetic optimization (GO) is employed to solve the Traveling Salesman Problems (TSP). Instead of the global fitness of the individuals,...

Authors: Qiu Yu Zhao, Xiao Yu Li, De Xi Zhang

Abstract: A multiparty quantum determined key distribution protocol using open-destination teleportation is presented in this paper. Four parties can...

Authors: Jing Lu, Shi Hong Wu, Yu Da Shi

Abstract: Bullet identification is a complicated work which demands high accuracy rate. In this paper, we try to find a reliable and fast automatic...

Authors: Wei Wang, Jun Hong, Jue Qu, Hua Ting Han, Zhi Gang Zou

Abstract: This paper has researched and analyzed on the fractal dimension calculating method and selected Peleg Carpet Covered algorithm which is fit...


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