Applied Mechanics And Mechanical Engineering

Volumes 29-32

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xing Ping Wen, Xiao Feng Yang

Abstract: Remote sensing techniques play increasingly important role over recent decades in both problems of global climate change and frequent...

Authors: Xiao Feng Yang, Xing Ping Wen

Abstract: Atmospheric correction is one of the most important pre-processing steps in quantitative remote sensing. To extract quantitative information...

Authors: Hong Bo Yu, Bai Rui Tao, Heng Jun Zhu, Hui Li

Abstract: This article presents a remote image monitoring System based on TD_SCDMA technology. This system takes Samsung’s S3C2440 as the processor...

Authors: Jian Jun Hao, Jian Wei Wei, Wei Lv, Nai Shi Cheng

Abstract: Aim to conquer the low efficiency of the current auto-CVT actuated by hydraulic system, a new design was proposed based on the analysis of...

Authors: Yan Feng Kong, Zhen Shan Zhang, Guang Tao Cheng

Abstract: Aiming at the fact that the current method of designing elastic coupling in swashplate engine is deficient, and the vibration damping effect...

Authors: Xing Yu Jiang, Xue Yan Sun, Shi Jie Wang, Wan Shan Wang

Abstract: To cope with the challenges of product quality design system applied in new product development (NPD), a new method of quality control for...

Authors: Wei Jun Gu, Ze Chang Sun, Xue Zhe Wei, Hai Feng Dai

Abstract: Battery Management System (BMS) mainly focused on the estimation of State-of-Charge (SOC) previously. However, the single SOC could not...

Authors: Qing Wang, Xue Zhe Wei, Hai Feng Dai

Abstract: This article introduces a Hardware-In-Loop test platform for electric vehicle Cell Battery Management System (BMS). At first, system...

Authors: Chang Ping Zou

Abstract: Actuator is a kind of rotary mechanism whose power source is the hydraulic pressure oil, which demands that the ratio of torque to...

Authors: Chang Ping Zou

Abstract: The advanced actuator is a kind of swaying mechanism specially developed for certain aircraft, having low rotational speed and great torque....


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