Applied Mechanics And Mechanical Engineering

Volumes 29-32

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Chang Fu Zhang, Li Juan Wang

Abstract: A new design method for surface micromachined devices is proposed to reduce process complexity and improve intuitiveness of traditional...

Authors: Bing Yu, Tian Hong Zhang, Dong Dong Liu

Abstract: AFDX (Avionics Full DupleX Switched Ethernet, ARINC 664) utilized in Airbus A380 and Boeing 787 represents a major upgrade in both bandwidth...

Authors: Yang Zhang, Li Zhang, Hu Cheng Zhang, Run Song Long

Abstract: A certain type of radar was equipped in the main fighter jets. It is main equipment which can ensure the completion of the task of the fight...

Authors: Guang Lei Liu, Hong Wei Fan, Ping Jiang

Abstract: An optimization approach for manufacture parameter design of the SGM spiral bevel gears with modified tooth geometry is proposed. The...

Authors: Xi Qin Wen, Ji Ming Li

Abstract: This paper deals with the head-type torque sensor, on the basis of magnetoelastic effect, installed on the main shaft of machine tool for...

Authors: Lin Na Hu, Yu Sun, Yi Feng Jiang

Abstract: In order to reduce the channel errors influence on the decoding quality, the H.264/AVC uses a series of effective error- handling mechanism....

Authors: Chun Dong Zhu, Tai Liang Dai, Hui Wang

Abstract: Draw rod is one of the main mechanical parts of vehicle steering system,which is required extremely high quality. At present the way to...

Authors: Xian Zhang

Abstract: Enterprise alliance is a basic organization which achieves network-based manufacturing. One of the key factors which affect the enterprise...

Authors: Wei Liu, Ying Cao Zhou, Qing Zhao

Abstract: The severe lateral vibration and impact of drill string will not only cause the damage of drill string but also have bad effects on the...

Authors: Jin Hui Wang, Jian Yi Kong, Jin Tang Yang, Gong Fa Li, Yao Li

Abstract: The process of air separation unit has the characteristics of many types of equipment, long flow, and strong relativity and complicates...


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