Applied Mechanics And Mechanical Engineering

Volumes 29-32

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Chang Ping Zou

Abstract: System torsional rigidity is an important design index, having important influence on operating performance of the advanced actuator;...

Authors: Qian Hua Xiao, Hai Jing Liu

Abstract: With the development of power electronics,the technology of Switching Mode Power Supply(SMPS) is gradually perfected. However,there is no...

Authors: Shi Min Du

Abstract: Fingerprint identification is one of the most important biometric technologies, which has drawn a substantial amount of attention recently....

Authors: Bang Jun Lv, S.J. Zhu, J.F. Xing

Abstract: The Stewart manipulator has characteristics of low natural frequency, high cost and large size which make it difficult to obtain optimum...

Authors: Dong Fang Hu, Yan Li, Jian Dong Shang

Abstract: Considering the nonlinear relationship of the joint surface between parts in machine tool assembly, a finite element analysis method based...

Authors: Xian Qi Zhang, Wen Hong Feng, Nan Nan Li

Abstract: The restraints and conflicts between indexes in the project decision-making often influence rationality of outcomes. Through applying PPE...

Authors: Xiao Zheng, Shui Tai Xu

Abstract: It analyses different kinds of risk factors of real estate investment, and establishes a suit of scientific index system about the risk...

Authors: Hou Sheng Zhang

Abstract: Power factor correction (PFC) is an effective method to reduce harmonic current in power grid. A novel boost high power factor rectifier...

Authors: Hou Sheng Zhang

Abstract: Boost converter occupies a very important position in the area of switching power supply, it is widely used in various power equipment for a...

Authors: Hou Sheng Zhang

Abstract: This paper designs a novel single phase high power factor rectifier with IR1150 as its main control chip, which main circuit uses boost...


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