Applied Mechanics And Mechanical Engineering

Volumes 29-32

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Tian Xing Meng

Abstract: The system uses the MCU to complete the functions such as regularly collecting, computing, error handling, storage, data transmission...

Authors: Xiao Jun Kang

Abstract: In order to provide one-stop service of professional title assessment for the college staff, the business process based on SOA integrating...

Authors: Fan Jiang, Juan Yu, Zhong Wei Liang

Abstract: A new blood vessel robot is designed, which has two fragellas and cylinder, its thrust force and torque equations are given. Through CFD...

Authors: Min Wang, Jun Tang

Abstract: The number of base station location impact the network quality of service. A new method is proposed based on immune genetic algorithm for...

Authors: Pei Hong Sun, Lei Tang, Li Ying Tang

Abstract: Countering the inventory management problem of manufacturing enterprise, according to the optimal control theory, considering the numbers of...

Authors: Ji Chu Li, Hui Xia Jin, Jun Tang

Abstract: With the sharp increase of data amount in modern computing process, it needs more powerful general computing ability to process and compute...

Authors: Li Xiong Gong, Liang Tang, Ming Zhong Yang

Abstract: Quality Function Deployment is a quality assurance method that user-driven and meeting customer demands mostly in process of product...

Authors: Zhi Gang Ji

Abstract: An outline of marketing decision supporting date warehouse system based on the existing databases is proposed. The application of data...

Authors: Zhi Gang Ji

Abstract: This paper discussed library under the network environment of the movement and the development. Digital Library will be understood as a new...

Authors: Xiong Yang, Zhi Qin Zha, Yu Guang Zhu

Abstract: In order to illustrate and analyze the different features between two-stage advanced botnet propagation modeling and multi time zones...


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