Mechanical Engineering and Green Manufacturing

Volumes 34-35

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jun Tan, Ying Yong Bu

Abstract: In recent years, manufacturing processes have become more and more complex, manufacturing activities generate large quantities of data, so...

Authors: Zhi Peng Feng, Jin Zhang, Ru Jiang Hao, Fu Lei Chu, Xue Jun Li

Abstract: Periodic impulses in vibration signals and its repeating frequency are the key indicators for diagnosing the localized damage of rolling...

Authors: Zhi Peng Feng, Cheng Zhong Zhang, Bin Xie, Jian Wei Cao, Xue Jun Li

Abstract: Wireless sensor network overcomes the limitations of conventional tethered measurement techniques. It can be used in many situations where...

Authors: Song Mei Yuan, Lu Tao Yan, Wei Dong Liu, Qiang Liu

Abstract: Due to environmental concerns and the coming legislations, pollution-free and eco-friendly minimum quantity lubrication (MQL) technology has...

Authors: Zhi Peng Feng, Li Liu, Ping Wang

Abstract: A condition monitoring and fault diagnosis system for heavy duty diesel engines used in off-highway vehicles is developed. Via this system,...

Authors: Jun Wu, Li Bo Cao, Tian Zhi Chen, Chen Chen Hu, Bing Hui Jiang, Huan Chen

Abstract: The S beam of a production SUV appeared instable deformation in frontal crash test, which was not beneficial to occupant protection. So the...

Authors: Chen Liu, Le Le Zhang, Yong Jun Zhang, Fang Qin

Abstract: For the theory and feature of EDM notching, the actual situation thermal model was established; by finite element method, EDM notch process...

Authors: N.S. Zhu, S.N. Ma, C.H. Hu

Abstract: Low temperature ammonia plasma surface treatment on asphalt base carbon fiber is reported with 150°C for 60min, 200°C for 60min and without...

Authors: Xiao Dong He, Hai Ying Li, Jian Wu Wu, Xiao Jian Liu

Abstract: Based on an interactive genetic algorithm implemented the bags innovation design and optimization, a structure that contains 10 operators...

Authors: Jian Yi Zheng, Wen He, Run Jie Shen

Abstract: The butt welding of 45 carbon structural steel has been analyzed using a nonlinear transient finite element (FE) model. With numerical...


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