Mechanical Engineering and Green Manufacturing

Volumes 34-35

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Wei Qing Xu, Mao Lin Cai

Abstract: Many studies have been made for years on dimensions of pneumatic nozzle. To output same blowing force, the supply pressure could be reduced...

Authors: Zhi Hai Cai, Ping Zhang, Zhi Jie Liang

Abstract: In this paper, the present situation of maintenance for heavy duty caterpillar engines was introduced. Based on the maintenance shortcoming...

Authors: Zhi Hai Cai, Ping Zhang, Jia Wu He

Abstract: Multi-element CrTiAlN coatings are deposited onto YT14 cemented carbide milling cutter by magnetron sputtering in an Ar+N2 mixture. The...

Authors: Zhen Yu Zhao, Ying Bin Du, Lei Ming Zhang, Bai Liu

Abstract: Based on the amount of tool overhang under different high speed machining experiment, the overhang length on the high speed impact of...

Authors: Fei Bao Lu, Wu Yi Zhang

Abstract: Knowledge flow reflects the knowledge level cooperation in supply chain. As asset of an organization, structure capital is one of the most...

Authors: Pan Deng, Jian Wei Zhang, Qi Gong

Abstract: Design and implementation of data interchange platform is an important issue in earthquake precursory industry, which adapts to extensive...

Authors: M. Reza, Soleymani Yazdi, Hoseyn Dehghan, Hoda Amini

Abstract: The main objective of the present research is to find the influence of process parameters on the state variables (i.e., surface roughness...

Authors: Meng Yi Zhu, Bo Han Liu, Yue Ting Sun, Jun Xu, Xue Feng Yao, Yi Bing Li

Abstract: The dynamic fracture behavior of PVB laminated glass during impact has been studied by both theoretic and finite element approaches. To make...

Authors: Hong Shuang Zhang

Abstract: In order to fully understanding the distribution of residual stress after riveting and the relationship between residual stress and riveting...

Authors: Zhi Qi Liu, Jian Li Song, Hui Ping Qi, Yong Tang Li, Xu Dong Li

Abstract: Cold rolling precision forming process of spline is one of the high-efficiency, precision and non-chip forming advanced manufacturing...


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