Mechanical Engineering and Green Manufacturing

Volumes 34-35

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jun Wei Song, Xiao Ping Cai

Abstract: For the measured deformation time series of concrete engineering, linear and nonlinear chaotic prediction methods are represented for the...

Authors: Fang Liu, Guang Meng

Abstract: Finite element (FE) method is an efficient and power tool, and is adopted to analyze dynamic response of printed circuit board (PCB)...

Authors: Zeng Hua Liu, Ji Chen Zhao, Bin Wu, Cun Fu He

Abstract: In order to achieve active health monitoring of seven-wire steel strands, single magnetostrictive transducer with two-layer coil is...

Authors: Jun Wei Song, Yan Shi

Abstract: The relationship between concrete performance and influence factors is uncertain and nonlinear. Accordingly, present BP neural network and...

Authors: Li Cui, Jian Rong Zheng

Abstract: Rigid rotor roller bearing system displays complicated nonlinear dynamic behavior due to nonlinear Hertzian force of bearing. Nonlinear...


Abstract: Removed due to plagiarism. The original research was published as: MODELING OF CORNER ECHO IN UT INSPECTION COMBINING BULK AND HEAD WAVES...

Authors: Dong Liang Xu, Jian Zhang

Abstract: This paper presents a novel 3-D topography model for micro-manufacturing process simulations, which uses unit vector of the parametric...

Authors: De Hai Chen, Yu Ming Liang

Abstract: This paper describes indoor mobile robot covering path to avoid obstacle based on behavior fuzzy controller. The robot measures the distance...

Authors: Rong Xing Duan, Ji Liang Tu, De Cun Dong

Abstract: This paper presents a novel fault diagnosis method which overcomes the shortcomings of traditional approaches. It uses dynamic fault tree...

Authors: Yu Jie Zhu, Qin He Zhang, Xiu Zhuo Fu, Guang Hua Bao

Abstract: A new technology of piezoelectric self-adaptive micro electrical discharge machining has been developed in this paper according to the...


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