Mechanical Engineering and Green Manufacturing

Volumes 34-35

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Wei Feng Lang, Hong Li Zhang

Abstract: A critical speed formula was given based on the analysis of kinematic characteristics during tangential ultrasonic vibration assisted...

Authors: Wen Bin Sun

Abstract: The behavior and response of structural reinforced concrete elements under severe short duration dynamic loads was investigated numerically....

Authors: Zhi Yuan Wu, S.H. Wang, Xin Li Tian, S. Zhang

Abstract: A series of experiment were performed to test the tribological properties of Si3N4 ceramic pair lubricated by emulsions of alcohol, acid and...

Authors: Zhao Qian Zhu, Wen Ming Zhang, Xiao Ming Zhang, Yu Peng Shi

Abstract: This paper studied the time-domain waveform characteristics of diesel engine cylinder head vibration. The relative relationship between the...

Authors: Zhao Qian Zhu, Jue Yang, Xiao Ming Zhang, Xiao Lei Li

Abstract: This paper studied misfire diagnosis of diesel engine based on short-time vibration characters. Misfire of diesel engine was simulated by...

Authors: Lu Xin Tang, Bin Bin, Kun Han

Abstract: It is easy to have deformation that non-rigid materials is on high-speed processing, so this paper introduces the fuzzy neural networks...

Authors: Wei Ping Cui, Yong Liu, Xi Long Qu

Abstract: This paper presents the way of how to reduce the torque and flux linkage ripples, and having better dynamic and static state performance. A...

Authors: Feng Chen, Jiang Zhu

Abstract: The main function of turning linkage of automobile is to realize the ideal relations of turn angle of the internal and external wheels when...

Authors: Ning Shan

Abstract: Laser ultrasound technology has many advantages such as being non-contact, nondestructive, fast, accurate and low cost. Therefore it is...

Authors: Hui Xu, Zhan Qing Chen, Su Bei Li, Wei Huang, Dan Ma

Abstract: Making full use of fly ash (FA) is an important part of sustainable materials development in the word. This paper discussed the carbonation...


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