Mechanical Engineering and Green Manufacturing

Volumes 34-35

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hui Bin Lin, Kang Ding

Abstract: Bearing failure is one of the foremost causes of breakdown in rotating machinery. To date, Envelope detection is always used to identify...

Authors: An Hua Peng, Zhi Ming Wang

Abstract: In the field of RPM( rapid prototyping manufacturing), accuracy and efficiency have become the bottleneck that slows down its development,...

Authors: Bin Shen, Dang Jin Qi, Liu Qun Fan, Horst Meier

Abstract: Internet gives the manufacturing a new way to confront the challenges from the protean market. Applications including web techniques such as...

Authors: Xiao Hui Chen, Chun Xian Jiang, Xue Ping Ren, Hong Liang Hou, He Jun Li

Abstract: The super plastic diffusion bonding behavior of 00Cr25Ni7Mo3N duplex stainless steel was performed on Gleeble-1500 hot simulator. The...

Authors: Yuan Zhang, Yang Sheng Zhao

Abstract: Rock macro mechanic character is decided by rock composite and meso configuration. LuHui granite minerals composite, micro configuration and...

Authors: Xiang Po Zhang, Jian Zhong Shang, Zhuo Wang

Abstract: Reliability research on machining center has great significance for the quality improvement of the machining center and its mechanical...

Authors: Dong Qing Yuan, Ming Zhou, Jian Ting Xu

Abstract: We calculate the temperature of excited plasma, found that will be enhanced with pulse energy increased. The delay time and the pulse energy...

Authors: Mu Yu Liu, Feng Wang

Abstract: A comparison on geometrically nonlinear analysis of composite girder cable-stayed bridge is presented. The spatial nonlinear analysis model...

Authors: Qi Kun Wang

Abstract: In this paper, the reason was analyzed that the aerodynamic efficiency of the traditional vertical axis wind turbine (VAWT) was always low,...

Authors: Hua Yan Yao, Peng Zhi Pan

Abstract: Rock is a natural heterogeneous material and presents complicated behaviors in the fracturing process. It is prevail to study the basic...


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