Mechanical Engineering and Green Manufacturing

Volumes 34-35

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jiu Peng Zhang, Jian Zhong Pei, Shi Cui Xu, Yu Feng Bi

Abstract: In order to indicate the aging process and evaluate the aging resistance of warm mix asphalt, thin film oven tests of original asphalts and...

Authors: Yi Shu Hao, Bin Nan Yue, Xin Xing Zhu

Abstract: The gearing transmission equation was deduced by the principle of the engagement characteristics between plastic helical gear and steel...

Authors: Ming Yue Ma, Ke Wu, Cheng Hao Gu

Abstract: In order to assure the security of Wuhan–Guangzhou railway passenger dedicated line, the experiment study of dynamic response was developed...

Authors: Jian Rong Pan, Zhan Wang, Xue Shui Sun

Abstract: To replace full penetration weld with twin fillet weld for the design and construction of joint of beam to CFST (concrete-filled steel tube)...

Authors: Peng Le Cheng, Yue Sheng Tan, Ya Dong Xu

Abstract: Mathematical models of saw angle adjustment system were presented. The errors of each constraint function were calculated using the software...

Authors: Yan Shi, Mao Lin Cai, Ping Ping Liao

Abstract: In order to improve characteristics of booster valve, one kind of pneumatic boost valve was proposed, which makes use of the expansion...

Authors: Rong Ying Huang, Qiang Xu, Yong Gang Xu

Abstract: No quantitative data were reported in the literature regarding the effects of the ACL reconstruction tunnel(s) on patellofemoral contact .In...

Authors: Wen Jun Li, Bai Ling An, Hong Kun Zhang

Abstract: Adaptive multiple impedance control based on passivity is studied about two robot manipulators cooperating an object which interacts with...

Authors: Yue Sheng Tan, Peng Le Cheng, Ai Ping Xiao

Abstract: Three basic sub-problems of screw theory are acceptable for some particular configuration manipulators’ inverse kinematics, which can not...

Authors: Y. Li, S.G. Zuo, L. Lei, X.W. Yang, X.D. Wu

Abstract: Considering the nonlinear characteristic of suspension stiffness and the effect of road input, a dynamic model of tread’s lateral vibration...


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