Mechanical Engineering and Green Manufacturing

Volumes 34-35

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jin Xing, Peng Bo, Lu Hai

Abstract: Series system, parallel system, r-out-of-n system and sequence system are typical in the engineering. Under the assumption that the repair...

Authors: Li Kang, Lei Yang, Jie Yang, Yi Li

Abstract: This paper presents the software implementation of a feedback control for the two axes of an XY table and the simulations of motor X and...

Authors: Pan Deng, Jian Wei Zhang, Hong Yu Liu, Min Jia

Abstract: In the Earthquake Precursory Forecast industry, despite the ample amount of instruments and data resources owned by the research institutes...

Authors: Da Chang Zhu, Yan Ping Feng

Abstract: A new approach of structure synthesis of 3-DoF compliant parallel manipulators with flexure hinge is proposed in this paper. Based on...

Authors: Zhe Ming He, You Xin Luo, Bin Zeng

Abstract: To improve the modeling accuracy of grey model and broaden its application fields, a non-homogeneous index grey model (termed NIGM(1,1,k))...

Authors: Yong Fei Li, Qiao Fang Zhao

Abstract: Random number is widely used in computer application. What is used commonly in practice is pseudo-random number generated by mathematical...

Authors: Xin Tao Xia, Lei Lei Gao, Jian Feng Chen

Abstract: Poor information means incomplete and insufficient information, such as small sample and unknown distribution. For point estimation under...

Authors: Xin Tao Xia, Jian Feng Chen, Lei Lei Gao

Abstract: Based on the fusion method for the true value estimation under the condition of poor information, the experiment is conducted in this paper....

Authors: Yuan Zhi Zuo, Sheng Li Wen, Xi Ya Li

Abstract: A new type of hybrid desiccant air conditioning system combining an active desiccant wheel with a conventional front-positioned cooling coil...

Authors: Ying Wu, Wei Gao, Man Di, Chang Zhang Zhao

Abstract: At most fire scenes, electric short circuit (ESC) arc beads that may be provide useful information on the cause and development of the fire...


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