Mechanical Engineering and Green Manufacturing

Volumes 34-35

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Chong Liu, Mao Lin Cai

Abstract: This paper proposes a representation and measurement method for compressed air power widely used by various industries in the industrial. It...

Authors: Cui Yin Liu, Chun Yu Zhang, Hong Zhao Yuan, Xi Long Qu

Abstract: The non-linear diffusion techniques were proposed for overcome the linear diffusion defaults. The linear diffusion was a homogeneous...

Authors: Ren Bo Xu, Xiao Guang Liu, Fu Quan Tu

Abstract: For degassion of high-viscosity and high-density drilling fluid used in ultra-high pressure oil and gas zones, a two-stage vertical...

Authors: Yu Tao Yan, Zhi Li Sun, R.J. Guo

Abstract: Based on loaded tooth contact analysis of spiral bevel gears, the thermal analysis model and finite element model of spiral bevel gears were...

Authors: Yan Hua Guo, Yi Min Guo, Ya Jun Guo, Cai Mei Wang

Abstract: The wide application of Location-Based Service (LBS) makes location privacy and trajectory privacy receive much attention in recent years....

Authors: Zi Cheng Hu, Hu Gen Ma, Xin Nan Song, Qian Wang

Abstract: Experiments were conducted to investigate the saturated flow boiling heat transfer characteristics in single micro tube using...

Authors: Shi Guang Chen, Hong Lin Zhao, Zhi Heng Wu, Guang Peng Zhang, Bo Wang, Qing Fu Wang

Abstract: To get an accurate prediction and analysis results of static and dynamic characteristics of the whole machine tool, finite element model...

Authors: Jian Yun He, Ke Jian Wang

Abstract: Nano-coatings were prepared by sol-gel process using titanium butoxide and cerium salt as precurors. The substrates were coated by dip-draw...

Authors: Jian Yun He, Zhao Pen He

Abstract: The intensity distribution of a UV linear light source and a UV linear light with a parabolic cylinder reflector on work piece surface were...

Authors: Nan Cong, Xun Chen, Jian Zhong Shang, Ke Shan Liang

Abstract: Non-Structural road driving test is a key part of fatigue and durability tests for vehicles such as the construction machines and ATVs....


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