Mechanical Engineering and Green Manufacturing

Volumes 34-35

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: X.Y. Liu, Yang Yin, L.P. Zhou

Abstract: According to the limitations of existing innovative design methods, a research ideology was proposed, namely man-machine intelligent...

Authors: Jun Hu, Yang Yu

Abstract: Computational trust and reputation models have been recognized as one of the key technologies required to design and implement agent...

Authors: Rui Fang Li, Jun Hu

Abstract: In a multi-agent system, the behavior of agent is difficult to be predicted and controlled reliably because of agent's autonomy, thereby...

Authors: Yue Liang, Liang Chen, Xiao Lu Yan

Abstract: The porous media for liquid transporting and mechanical analysis, which are the hotspot studies in contaminant transport and machinery...

Authors: M. Reza, Soleymani Yazdi, M. Reza Razfar, M. Asadnia

Abstract: This paper presents a newly approach for modeling thrust force in drilling of PA-6/ Nanoclay Nanocomposites materials, by using Particle...

Authors: Jia Bin Deng, Juan Li Hu, Jue Bo Wu, He Hua Chi

Abstract: . In this paper, we propose the concept of generalized green computing and give the limit and the scope for it, including the research task...

Authors: Li Juan Zhang, Xiang An Yue, Hua Wei Chen, Jie Zhang, Tang Suo Chen

Abstract: Viscosity loss occurs in polymer flooding in middle and high permeability reservoir. For larger specific surface and more clay in low...

Authors: Qing Chang Meng, Zhi Hong Zhang, Ju Bin Liu

Abstract: A finite volume method has been formulated based on the ideal compressible potential theory. By using the continuity equation and Tait state...

Authors: Jin Chun Feng, You De Wu, Chao Zhu, Lin Jian Yang, Lei Li

Abstract: Because of the combination of self-made or common boring bar and CNC program, we machined two external cylinders used for tightening ring...

Authors: Xiao Yu Zhang, Le Le Zhang, Bao Fu Zhang, Cong Ma

Abstract: The deformation process and crashworthiness of the structures is the research object by the numerical method in the paper. Based on the...


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