Mechanical Engineering and Green Manufacturing

Volumes 34-35

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ling Yun Fu, De Fa Hu, Xiao Ling Wang, Jian Li Chen

Abstract: A number of different buyer-seller watermarking protocols have been proposed to address preserving the rights of both the buyer and the...

Authors: Zhen Li, Bing Yan

Abstract: In this paper, the three dimensional geometrical analysis is depicted with the interacting relations among cutting edge, undeformed chip and...

Authors: Juan Juan Song, Jun An Liu, Ji Qiu Tan, Ju Sheng Huang

Abstract: I2S (Inter-IC Sound Bus) is one of the general audio buses applied in various industrial or embedded systems. It only processes the audio...

Authors: Yi Min Guo, Ya Jun Guo

Abstract: Open networks are always changing and unpredictable. The new trust management mechanisms will be needed in dynamic networks environment to...

Authors: Shao Nian Huang, Zhi Yong Zhang

Abstract: In this paper, the new detection algorithm of scene detection based on mutual information has been presented. Our approach first detect...

Authors: Jun Jie Cen, Guo Hong Gao, Ying Jun Wang

Abstract: Association rule is one of the important models of Web mining. By analyzing the topology of web site, this paper brings forward an efficient...

Authors: Li Jun Xu, Guo Hong Gao, Xue Yong Li

Abstract: Since the energy supply of a sensor node is limited, energy optimization should be considered as the key objective when studying the overall...

Authors: Guo Hong Gao, Li Jun Xu, Xian Feng Yang

Abstract: Grid computing is a new type of network computing platform emerged after the World Wide Web, which objective is to provide a kind of...

Authors: Hong You, Quan Bai, Ying Chun Liu, Li Wei Ning

Abstract: MR elastomers, which consisting of silicone rubber and carbonyl iron particles, are prepared under different magnet fields intensity. Their...

Authors: Jian Zhao, Bin Tang, Yun Bang Tang, Kun Peng Qi, Er Lin Ma

Abstract: The transient performance of engines is investigated in this paper. A mathematical model of single-cylinder engines is established and the...


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