Mechanical Engineering and Green Manufacturing

Volumes 34-35

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jin Yan, Shi Liang Zhang, Juan Zhang

Abstract: The stability and vibration of fluid-filled pipes are important in many engineering situations and have been extensively studied. In this...

Authors: Bo Han Liu, Meng Yi Zhu, Yue Ting Sun, Jun Xu, Dong Yun Ge, Yi Bing Li

Abstract: In this paper, energy absorption characteristics of PVB laminated windshield subject to human head impact are studied. SHPB method is...

Authors: Chun Min Ma, Jian Wu Yang, Ren Yuan Fei

Abstract: It is an expectation of most of the numerical control products manufacturer that have a powerful controller with whole won intellectual...

Authors: Ying Qiang Xu, Qiong Wei Zhang, Lei Lei Wang, Shao Jie Jin

Abstract: Drum brake is a braking part which is widely used on heavy truck. The distribution and dimension of contacting pressure and contacting area...

Authors: Hong Qiang Sun, Mei Yang, Jing Hua Cui

Abstract: This paper is based on the on-line measuring system which is made up of machine center, probe and computer. First it introduces briefly...

Authors: Ying Qiang Xu, Lei Lei Wang, Fu Hua Lin

Abstract: Mechanical property of coating under the micro-contact load such as impact and sliding wear significantly influence the reliability of...

Authors: Sui Ran Yu, Yun Wei Lu

Abstract: This research is to find a design method for the large scale and complex product system. Thus, we made an approach to possibly better...

Authors: Sui Ran Yu, Rui Bin Zhang

Abstract: This paper presents a life cycle assessment (LCA) method in different design process. This method can help product designers to make more...

Authors: Xue Jun Li, D.L. Yang, Ling Li Jiang

Abstract: This paper proposed a fault diagnosis based on multi-sensor information fusion for rolling bearing. This method used the energy value of...

Authors: Xue Jun Li, K. Wang, Ling Li Jiang, T. Zhang

Abstract: As the poor generability of special sensor support frame and the inconvenience of signal acquisition in the process of common fault...


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